Scientific meetings that took place from 2020 to 2025.

1 December 2023
Toby van Gastelen (Scientific Computing), Energy-conserving neural networks for turbulence modeling
Aditya Gilra (Machine Learning), Deriving biologically-plausible learning rules for brain-like neural networks via adaptive control theory

6 October 2023
Alexandra van den Berg (Machine Learning), How the brain can learn to learn
Sami Mollard (Machine Learning), How the brain learns to solve multistep, multiscale visual tasks, Slides

16 June 2023
Dzemila Sero (Rijksmuseum), Imaging patterns on terracotta sculptures: This project studies patterns left by artists on ceramic/fired clay sculptures from Rijksmuseum collections, such as human prints, brush strokes and blade marks, using high resolution 2D/3D imaging and computed tomography

17 February 2023
Marten van Dijk (Computer Security) , Remote Verifiable Computation without Digital Secrets & Differential Privacy for Stochastic Gradient Descent

2 December 2022
Marco Virgolin (Life Sciences and Health), Symbolic regression & interpretable machine learning, Slides
Felix Lucka (Computational Imaging), Photoacoustic and Ultrasonic Tomography for Breast Imaging, Slides

4 November 2022
Marta Kwiatkowska, Department of Computer Science and Fellow of Trinity College at the University of Oxford
Susan A. Murphy, Professor at Harvard University

30 September 2022
Dennis Bouwman (MD), Pen, paper and lightning, Slides
Muriel Perez (ML), Optimal, any time valid testing under group invariance
Andrei Nesterov (HCDA), Culturally Aware AI: Uncovering and modelling cultural controversies in data, Slides

17 June 2022
Wouter Edeling (Scientific Computing), Small closure models for large multiscale problems Slides
Lisa Kohl (Cryptology), Compressed Sigma-Protocol Theory for Lattices Slides

6 May 2022
Chenglu Jin (Computer Security), PwoP: Intrusion-Tolerant and Privacy-Preserving Sensor Fusion Slides
Timo Deist (Life Sciences and Health), Multi-objective machine learning to predict Pareto fronts Slides

4 February 2022
Ton de Kok (CWI General Director), Decision making under uncertainty in manufacturing and distribution systems Slides Video
Jonas Helsen (Algorithms and Complexity), Classical shadows: a tool for characterizing noisy quantum computers Video

30 April 2021 - Quantum Computing
Harry Buhrman, Introduction to quantum computing Video
Jonas Helsen, Quantum computing in a noisy world: characterization and mitigation of errors Slides Video
Subhasree Patro, Quantum fine-grained complexity Slides Video

9 October 2020
Bert Zwart (ST), Why Are Blackout Sizes in Power Grids Heavy-tailed? Slides Video
Laura Hollink (DA), Predicting the Basic Level in a Hierarchy of Concepts Slides Video

26 June 2020
Sophia Coban (CI), Explorative imaging at the FleX-ray Lab. Slides Video
Mark Raasveldt (DA), DuckDB - The SQLite for Analytics Slides Video

17 April 2020
Jana Sotakova (QuSoft), Breaking the Decisional Diffie-Hellman problem for class group actions Slides Video
Esteban Landerreche (CR), From Hard to Moderately-hard Slides Video
Peter Grunwald (ML), Corona - why the measures were really needed, and why exiting is difficult Slides Video
Marten van Dijk (CR), DP-3T: Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing Slides Video
Peter Boncz (DA), COVID-19 exit strategies + Q&A with Peter Grunwald & Marten van Dijk Video

20 March 2020: has been cancelled

14 February 2020
Felix Lucka (CI), Image Reconstruction - A Playground for Curious Applied Mathematicians
Ronald de Wolf (A&C ), Efficient algorithms for graph sparsification