CWI aims to transfer scientific knowledge to science and society. Therefore we collaborate with industry, academia and (inter)national research institutes.

Universities and research institutes

CWI collaborates with universities in the Netherlands, in Europe and across the world, with the NWO-I sister institutes, with the Humanities Cluster of the KNAW-institutes, with the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria), and with ERCIM and its sister institutes. CWI’s strategic collaborations are crucial in identifying relevant research questions and evaluating new solutions.

CWI also collaborates with a range of partners such as the national institutes KNMI and RIVM, national applied science institutes like TNO, public organizations such as the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library) and the Rijksmuseum (National Museum of the Netherlands) , with government ministries, and with numerous partners form industry, ranging from small and medium enterprises to big companies.

Transferring knowledge, valorization

Since 2012 CWI has a valorization manager and a valorization team. The team supports the development of Public Private Partnerships with a wide range of companies and public institutions. Many of the partnerships range over a long time period, which enables measurable societal and business impact. We also team up with institutions, such as TNO to bring the knowledge from lower Technology Readiness Levels (fundamental research), to higher ones (engineering knowledge and software applications). For each of the focus areas we have established partnerships in the innovation chain to foster this process from fundamental knowledge to concrete products and services in the market place.

Since CWI’s foundation in 1946, actively transferring knowledge to society and industry has been part of our mission. Our concept of valorization consists of three aspects:

  1. Partnerships: research with partners from industry, government and civil society over a longer period of time
  2. Developing software (or prototype software) and internationally recognized standards
  3. Creating research-based spin-off companies

For more information about CWI as a research partner you can contact: Rob van der Mei, R&D Manager or Karin Blankers, Valorization Manager.

Collaboration with a wide range of organizations