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CWI is located at Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam. The street name 'Science Park' has been in use since 2011. In case your navigation system would not recognize it, please use the old address ‘Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam’ instead.

Visiting address:               Science Park 123
                                           1098 XG Amsterdam

Postal address:                  P.O.Box 94079
                                           1090 GB Amsterdam
                                           The Netherlands

Phone:                               +31 (0) 20 592 9333


By car

  • Exit the A10 ringroad at S113/Watergraafsmeer
  • Follow the Science Park signs; these will direct you to the Kruislaan
  • Turn left onto the Carolina MacGillavrylaan after passing through the railroad tunnel
  • Take the Science Park entry at your right and enter the gate

By public transport; train or bus

CWI is a five minute walk away from NS station Amsterdam Science Park. This station is served four times an hour from the directions Amsterdam Centraal – Schiphol and Almere – Amersfoort.

Walk through the tunnel after leaving the platform for the science park (northeast exit), cross the street (Carolina MacGillavrylaan) at the crosswalk and walk past the brown building of Amsterdam University College. You will be able to see CWI’s main entrance on your left behind the parking lot.

CWI is situated nearby railway station NS Sciencepark. You can find more information about the timetable on the NS website or on the OV9292 website.

Alternatively, bus 40 serves Amsterdam Science Park four times an hour from stations Amsterdam Amstel (train, metro, tram) and Amsterdam Muiderpoort (train, tram). Get off at bus stop 'Science Park' or 'Science Park Aer'. During rush hour bus 240 can be used, too.


Only limited parking space is available. You can park your car at any parking lot after the gate. Follow the signs to number 123, our main entrance. Parking is paid after one hour. Please hold on to the card you receive when entering the gate; you will need it to leave the terrain.

Visitor map Amsterdam Science Park (2022)
Visitor map Amsterdam Science Park (2022).

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