Scientific meetings from 2013 to 2014

12 December 2014
Lisanne Rens (LS), Mechanical cell-ECM interactions amplifies response to substrate stretch and induces cell alignment
Xiaodong Zhuge (SC), High-throughput 3D imaging for nanoscience
Emma Beauxis-Aussalet (IA), The Fish4Knowledge project: Applying computer vision to marine ecology research
Timo Maarleveld (LS), COPE-FBA 2.0: Faster and Better Enumeration of the Optimal Solution Space of Genome-scale Stoichiometric Models

3 October 2014
Nikolaos Bezirgiannis (FM), The cloud-aware programming style
Rufael Mekuria (DIS), Real-Time Media Streaming framework for the next generation of social 3d tele-presence
Mona Rahn (N&O), Coordination Games on Graphs
Michael Steindorfer (SwAT), Code Specialization for Memory Efficient Hash Tries
Halldora Thorsdottir (LS), Queueing in a random environment with time-scale separation

6 Juni 2014
Sabine Burgdorf (A&C), Semidefinite optimization for polynomials in noncommuting variables
Hannes Mühleisen (DA), Capturing the Laws of (Data) Nature
Maria Navarro (LS), The Systems Biology Cycle: Computational Workflow & Uncertainty Quantification

28 March 2014
Ute Ebert (MD), How to simulate components of long distance electricity nets
Jayakrishnan Nair (ST), Energy procurement strategies in the presence of intermittent sources
Jeroen Witteveen (SC), Uncertainty quantification in wind power prediction

31 January 2014
Steven Pemberton (DIS), Declarative Web Applications
Ronald de Wolf (A&C), Can linear programs solve NP-hard problems?

29 November 2013
Joost Batenburg (SC), Advanced X-ray Tomograph: Building Bridges between Computational Science and Real-World Experiments
Frank de Boer (FM), Behavioral Specification of Distributed Object-Oriented Systems

27 September 2013
Monique Laurent (N&O), From Linear to Semidefinite Optimization: Some Selected Applications
Arjen de Vries (IA), Understanding Similarity Metrics in Neighbour-based Recommender Systems

21 June 2013
Corrado Boscarino (IA), Epistemic-probabilistic models of Information Retrieval
Nicolas Höning (IS), Currently flexible? Proposals for tapping a crucial resource in our electricity distribution system
Demeter Kiss (ST), Frozen percolation in two dimensions
Marjon Ruijter (SC), On the application of spectral filters in a Fourier option pricing technique
Giannicola Scarpa (A&C), Improving Communication with Entanglement
Wander Wadman (CD), Estimating power grid reliability using a splitting method

4 April 2013
Jeroen Witteveen (SC), Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Serge Fehr (CR), Robust Secret Sharing

8 February 2013
Jiyin He (IA), Interactive information retrieval for complex search tasks
Mark Hills (Swat), A Framework for PHP Program Analysis
Sunil Simon (N&O, SwAT),