Current Master Projects

On this page you will find CWI's current master projects.

The CWI master projects below are currently open for applications. If you want more information about the scope of the projects or get in contact the supervisor, please click on the link.

Algorithms & Complexity/QuSoft: Quantifying speedups via quantum random walks beyond worst-case analysis// Optimally synthesising Clifford+T quantum circuits using SAT-solving// Improving quantum circuit extraction for ZX-diagrams// Amortized Quantum Data Structures// A categorical approach to homogeneous ordered vector spaces

Computational Imaging: Deep learning for 3D image classification // A discrete Ginzburg-Landau functional for regularized image reconstruction // Iterative image reconstruction with inexact adjoints // Improved optical imaging with compressed sensing // Non-linear waveform inverse for biomedical ultrasound imaging

Database Architectures: Ingestion of Semi-Structured Data in DuckDB// Vectorizing Worst-Case-Optimal Join Algorithms// DuckDB on mobile phones// A Whitebox File Format on Parquet// Whitebox Compression using Deep Learning// DuckDB Graph Library// Automatic functional dependency detection and schema normalization// Progressive query processing in DuckDB// multiple projects at Databricks and MotherDuck

Evolutionary Intelligence: Indexing extra-large data for long patterns using small space // Profitable product set discovery

Intelligent and Autonomous Systems: Master internship project CWI’s Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Group and Condi Food

Networks & Optimization: Computing real solutions to polynomial equations // Budget-feasible mechanism design with predictions // Geodesic Optimization and the Paulsen Problem in Frame Theory // Inefficiency of corruption in single-item auctions

Machine Learning: Best Arm Identification in Survival Models // ϵ-Best Mixture Identification // Life-long Online Learning // Various Projects on E-Values, Always-Valid Confidence Sequences and "Safe Testing"// Learning to Attend to Classify

Stochastics: Automatic Signal Recognition with Artificial Intelligence // Data Stealing and Federated Learning

Software Analysis and Transformation: Short agile feedback loops // Static Analysis across language boundaries // RADCAL: new semantics for arithmetic // Philips Image Guided Therapy // ICTU overheidsorgaan voor digitalisering