Developing and studying probabilistic, operational and statistical models to model, describe, and improve communication, energy, information, logistics, and transportation systems.

The leader of the group Stochastics: Bert Zwart

Many natural and man-made systems and processes are driven by random phenomena. Examples can be found in areas such as communication, energy, information, logistics, and transportation systems. In order to model, describe, and improve such systems, our group develops and studies probabilistic, operational and statistical models. Our group’s analysis of these models relies on techniques from fundamental probability theory, queueing theory, stochastic scheduling, spatial stochastics and stochastic geometry. Our work with various companies in these areas, as well as with top researchers and universities across the globe, ensures our position at the forefront of every aspect of this research field.

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Current projects with external funding

  • Ontwikkeling van Data Analytics, Data Science en Crypto Analyse technieken
  • Systemic expansion of territorial CIRCULAR Ecosystems for end-of-life FOAM (CIRCULAR FOAM)
  • Customized and Coordinated Solutions for Congestion Bottlenecks in our infrastructure (COCONUT)
  • Data-driven optimization for a vital elderly care system in the Netherlands (DOLCE VITA)
  • Logistics for Healthy Healthcare: A modelling Perpective on Intermediate Care Solutions (Logistics for Healthy Healthcare)
  • Networks COFUND OIO's (Networks COFUND OIO's)
  • Bestrijding cybercrime met behulp van Kunstmatige Intelligentie (PPS Cybercrime AI)
  • PPS Marine (PPS Marine)
  • Robust, Effective and Adaptable Ship Designs for Uncertain Transition Paths (READINESS)
  • Strategic Prescriptive Response for Immediate Needs Through Empowered Residents (Sprinter)
  • Urban Mobility Observatory (UMO)