Database Architectures

A leading data systems research group, active in the broad area of data (management) systems and infrastructure for supporting data science.

The leader of the group Database Architectures: Peter Boncz

The Database Architectures (DA) research group of CWI is well known as a leading data systems research group, active in the broad area of analytical database management systems. Our research group has a strong international reputation in academia and industry for pioneering column store technology, fast compression methods, vectorized query execution, indexes for interactive data analysis, and analytical in-process database systems. We have spawned multiple spin-off companies (Data Distilleries, VectorWise, MonetDB Solutions and DuckDB Labs). We pride ourselves on revealing the real problems in our discipline and coming up with revolutionary solutions that are frequently ahead of their time.



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Current projects with external funding

  • Databricks CWI Research Agreement (Databricks)
  • Databricks III (Databricks III)
  • Democratizing Insight Retrieval from (Semi-)Structured Data (DataLibra) (DataLibra)
  • Lokale Digitale Competentie centra (DCC) (DCC-NWO-I)
  • Facebook Research Grant (Facebook)
  • Velox Optimizations and supporting new file formats (Meta)
  • Motherduck Service Agreement (Motherduck)
  • Responsible Decentralized Data Architecture (RDDA)
  • RelationalAI-CWI Research Grant Agreement (RelationalAI)