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CWI and IDEAS-NCBR sign Memorandum of Understanding

CWI and IDEAS NCBR, the Polish centre of innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

CWI Algemeen 2022 09 29-061

NWO hangs out rainbow flag during Coming Out day

On 11 October, Coming Out day is celebrated. NWO/NWO-I celebrates this day by hanging out the rainbow flag. Léon Ouwerkerk, P&O advisor at CWI and LGBTI+ coordinator for the entire of NWO …

NWO hangs out rainbow flag during Coming Out day

Fine-Grained Temporal Emotion Recognition in Video

CWI PhD student Tianyi Zhang will defend his PhD thesis "On Fine-Grained Temporal Emotion Recognition in Video: How to Trade off Recognition Accuracy with Annotation Complexity?" at TU Delft 3 October.

European Software researchers sound the alarm

Viewing computer science through the lens of cryptography

On Friday 30 September 2022 Christian Schaffner gives his inaugural lecture as professor in theoretical computer science at UvA. Besides his work as a group leader at UvA, he will remain working …

Viewing computer science through the lens of cryptography

Gilles Brassard wins 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

Gilles Brassard, Charles H. Bennett, David Deutsch and Peter Shor were awarded the world’s largest science prize for their foundational work in quantum information. Brassard is currently hosted at QuSoft at NWO …

Gilles Brassard in front of quantum teleportation formula

How quantum mechanics threatens our digital lives – and makes them safer

Much of the work of Serge Fehr (CWI and Leiden University) is abstract and theoretical and comprehensible to very few people. But his work helps make the digital world safer. He will …

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Ute Ebert elected as AGU Fellow

The American Geophysical Union announced that Ute Ebert (CWI and TU/e) was elected as an AGU Fellow for crucial theoretical, numerical and experimental insights on lightning and related sciences.

ute ebert

Shaping the technologies that impact our democracy

Misinformation is just one of many problems we face with the rise of artificial intelligence. Technology is impacting our democracy in an unprecedented way. That is why CWI, the university of Amsterdam …

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