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Strengths and weaknesses of quantum algorithms

CWI researchers have developed new quantum algorithms for a number of computational problems. They also discovered fundamental limits on the performance of future quantum computers: for many computational problems quantum computers will …

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At the forefront of multimedia and security standards

In recent years CWI researchers have contributed to the development of new international standards for three-dimensional video and post-quantum cryptography. In the near future this will lead to new multimedia formats for …


Making AI more energy efficient with neuromorphic computing

Twenty-five years of pioneering work in neuromorphic computing at CWI is now bearing fruit. Thanks to algorithmic breakthroughs in training spiking neural networks many AI-applications can become much more energy-efficient.


Revolutionizing statistics to tame the replication crisis

CWI researchers have developed a better measure for determining whether or not scientific results are statistically significant. This ‘E-value’, as it is called, replaces the commonly used but often problematic p-value.

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Fast and efficient data analysis thanks to new database architectures

CWI’s long-term software development has led to fundamentally new database architectures that have transformed a trillion-dollar global database market.

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Unique scanner unveils art and other secrets

Since 2017 CWI operates the FleX-ray scanner, a custom-made, fully-automated X-ray CT scanner with applications in cultural heritage, industry, healthcare and science.

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Unlocking the mysteries of the Simplex-algorithm

The most popular optimization method is an algorithm, developed in 1947. Why is it still so successful? CWI researchers were able to shed some light on the matter.

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Understanding users to optimise 3D experiences

Silvia Rossi of CWI's Distributed & Interactive Systems group is working on two areas of understanding user interactions in immersive media. She tells all about it in this story.