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Event on Singapore & the Netherlands: Trust Technologies

The Netherlands Innovation Network (NIN) at the Dutch embassy in Singapore is exploring the possibility of a mission to Singapore in the field of Trust Technologies, 17 – 21 October. On 8 …

'Singapore & the Netherlands: Trust Technologies' event, 8 June 2023 at CWI

Consortium to improve cyber-physical systems starts

Recently, the NWO KIC project ‘REGENERATE’ started. Within this public-private partnership (PPP), knowledge institutions and industrial partners are working on reliable high-tech motion systems, like lithography machines to make computer chips.

Clean room with wafer machines for chip production. Picture: Shutterstock

How to make cryptographic techniques more efficient

Transferring money or sending other sensitive information online: with cryptography, your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Thomas Attema developed a new technique to make data encryption even more efficient.


Towards no more glass in the jam with better X-ray scanners

X-ray and CT scanners are widely used devices in research, diagnostics and the industrial sector. And yet they are not nearly as fast and accurate as we would like. Mathé Zeegers is …

CI Flex lab

DIS organizes the Spring School on Social XR

As part of the research semester program of CWI, the Distributed and Interactive Systems group (DIS) organized the Spring School on Social XR.

spring school DIS

Prestigious Gödel Prize for Ronald de Wolf

Ronald de Wolf and his co-authors receive the 2023 Gödel Prize for outstanding papers in theoretical computer science. The other winner of the 2023 Gödel Prize is Thomas Rothvoss.

Ronald de Wolf in trappenhuis. Foto: Olivier Middendorp (voor NRC). Toestemming vragen voor overig gebruik.

DIS group at Point Cloud Visual Quality Assessment Grand Challenge

The Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group from CWI participated in the competitive Grand Challenge “Point Cloud Visual Quality Assessment” from the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (IEEE ICIP).

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CWI researcher Tim Baarslag selected as Heidelberg Laureate Forum alumnus

CWI researcher Tim Baarslag has been selected to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) for the second time. This annual scientific event brings together some of the brightest minds in mathematics and …

Tim Baarslag wins NWO-Vidi grant to study AI for better procurement negotiations