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Prognosing onset of ALS disease with AI methods

Accurately predicting whether a person will develop ALS: bioinformatics researchers at Bielefeld University, Germany, published a study in Nature Machine Intelligence. Part of this research was done at CWI.

Alexander Schoenhuth, Bielefeld University. Picture: Bielefeld University/Sarah Jonek.

PhD defence: How useful are quantum computers?

In the quest for a working quantum computer, it is important to find out how classical and quantum computers perform similar tasks. On 16 February 2023 Subhasree Patro (CWI and QuSoft) defended …


Marten van Dijk wins IEEE CS Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

For his contributions to oblivious and encrypted computation Marten van Dijk won the 2023 IEEE CS Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award.


Fair solutions to power grid capacity problems

Our power grid is running into capacity problems. Brinn Hekkelman recently obtained a PhD on ways to fairly distribute the available capacity of the power grid among users.

power grid2

Stieltjes Prize 2021-2022 for Sophie Huiberts and Freek Witteveen

Sophie Huiberts, former PhD student of CWI, has been awarded the Stieltjes Prize 2021-2022 for the best PhD thesis in mathematics in the Netherlands. CWI also hosted the other winner, Freek Witteveen.

mathematics shutterstock

eScience Center grants CWI project on differentiable programming

Benjamin Sanderse and his Scientific Computing group received a grant from the Netherlands eScience Center to develop a new software framework. This framework will be used to discover new physics models using …

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Peter Boncz appointed ACM Fellow

CWI researcher Peter Boncz has been appointed as one of the 2022 fellows of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). Boncz is specifically selected for his contributions to the design of columnar, …

boncz gespiegeld

Co-founder DuckDB selected Technology Talent of 2023 by magazine De Ingenieur

Former CWI researcher Mark Raasveldt is one of 15 Technology Talents of 2023 selected by magazine De Ingenieur.

raasveldt bijgesneden rechts