CWI publishes news item about its research, education and the social impact of this research on a regular basis. In addition to news items, we also publish more extensive stories about high-profile research or about CWI contributing to tackling social issues.

Controversial terms about people and cultures in widely used datasets

Outdated, stereotypical, and potentially offensive words often appear in openly available datasets, CWI researchers have found. These datasets power many applications (such as online dictionaries) and machine learning algorithms, creating risks of …


NGF Quantum Technology grant for CWI researcher

In January, NWO announced that 19 projects would receive funding within the National Growth Fund (NGF) ‘Quantum Technology’ programme. One of the awarded projects is led by Jonas Helsen from CWI.

Quantum formulas (cropped from Ivar Pel, version 2, with focus area).

Trading in smart energy communities: the more the merrier?

Communities taking control of their own energy supply - by producing and trading energy locally - is a rapidly emerging trend. How many households need to participate to make energy trading economically …


Making our electric power grids sustainable

In 2024, CWI and TU/e start the 'Green Sparks' project to investigate eco-friendly alternatives for the greenhouse gas SF6 in high voltage switches, together with Hitachi Energy Ltd.

ute ebert

MonetDB Foundation launched

In January 2024 the MonetDB Foundation was established for the preservation, maintenance and further development of the MonetDB project – a trailblazer in the world of database management systems.

Abstract image of data. Source: Shutterstock. (Shutterstock picture 2183335.)

CWI involved in new consortium on energy-efficient AI

A total of 9 projects will receive 9 million euros by NWO.


Understanding users to optimise 3D experiences

Silvia Rossi of CWI's Distributed & Interactive Systems group is working on two areas of understanding user interactions in immersive media. She tells all about it in this story.


Marten van Dijk and co-authors win ACM CCS 2023 Test of Time Award

Marten van Dijk and his co-authors won the ACM CCS 2023 Test of Time Award for their research on Path ORAM – an algorithm to prevent adversaries from using access patterns to …

Marten van Dijk at a whiteboard at CWI, January 2024 (with focus area).