CWI publishes news item about its research, education and the social impact of this research on a regular basis. In addition to news items, we also publish more extensive stories about high-profile research or about CWI contributing to tackling social issues.

Netherlands Academy of Engineering appoints Tim Baarslag as Fellow

The recently established Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE) has appointed 62 top experts as Fellow, including CWI researcher Tim Baarslag of the Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group. With this, NAE emphasizes the …


CWI Fellow Paul Klint receives Computable Lifetime Achievement Award

The editors of ICT website and magazine Computable elected CWI Fellow Paul Klint for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Europe needs strong software research

DIS group at ACM Multimedia Conference 2023

Research carried out by the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has resulted in contributions to this year's ACM Multimedia Conference.

woman laptop

Most Influential Paper Award of ACM SIGPLAN SLE conference for Tijs van der Storm and others

Tijs van der Storm and a team of 20+ authors received the Most Influential Paper Award of the 2023 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE) for their article on …

2023 SLE MIP Award for Tijs van der Storm et al (with focal area).

2023 NEC C&C Prize for Python

The 2023 C&C Prize will be awarded to a group of researchers, represented by Guido van Rossum, for programming language Python. He started developing this at CWI in 1989. The ceremony will …

Guido van Rossum 2019 (foto 397, met focus area)

Conference on trust in a digital society

CWI hosts a multi-disciplinary conference on trust and trust management in a digitalized society. Topics will focus on social, economic and behavioral aspects of trust, trust in networks, mobile systems and cloud …


CWI Researcher Silvia Rossi Invited to the Dutch Media Week

During the Dutch Media Week, postdoctoral researcher Silvia Rossi was one of the speakers at the program Cross Media Café on Spatial computing. She brought a scientific perspective talking about her work …


INFORMS Khachiyan Prize for Monique Laurent

The INFORMS Optimization Society announced that Monique Laurent won the 2023 Khachiyan Prize for outstanding life-time achievements in optimization.

Monique Laurent (NB please keep focal area)