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Tim Baarslag appointed as professor Mathematics of Cooperative AI at TU Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has appointed CWI group leader Tim Baarslag as professor Mathematics of Cooperative AI. From 1 June he has joined the Department of Mathematics of Computer Science.

Tim Baarslag

ERCIM researchers and EC discuss GenAI: tools or threat?

ERCIM organized a visionary event on Generative AI. The outcome will be used as input for a vision document for research institutes and the European Commission. CWI and Inria were co-sponsor of …

ERCIM Visionary Event, 16 April 2024, with Abdallah al Ali (CWI) as a speaker and Han La Poutré (CWI & ERCIM Vice President)

Tim Baarslag joins KNAW Council for Natural Sciences and Technology

Senior researcher Tim Baarslag joined the KNAW Council for Natural Sciences and Technology (RNTW) this month. The RNTW is one of the four internal advisory councils of the KNAW.

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PhD student Tamara Florijn is one of the Faces of Science

What is life like for a young scientist? Tamara Florijn (CWI/Utrecht University) has been chosen as one of the Faces of Science to share her life as a PhD student through blogs …


Trading in smart energy communities: the more the merrier?

Communities taking control of their own energy supply - by producing and trading energy locally - is a rapidly emerging trend. How many households need to participate to make energy trading economically …


Valentin Robu appointed professor in AI for Smart, Decentralised Energy Systems

TU Eindhoven announced the appointment of Valentin Robu as professor in Artificial Intelligence for Smart, Decentralised Energy Systems. He is Senior Researcher in the Intelligent and Autonomous Systems (IAS) group of Centrum …


One year of AI, Media and Democracy Lab

A report of the first annual Community Meeting

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CWI researcher Tim Baarslag selected as Heidelberg Laureate Forum alumnus

CWI researcher Tim Baarslag has been selected to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) for the second time. This annual scientific event brings together some of the brightest minds in mathematics and …

Tim Baarslag wins NWO-Vidi grant to study AI for better procurement negotiations