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Negotiating with a robot

The American supermarket chain Walmart recently announced that it is using an AI chatbot to negotiate with suppliers. "This is just the beginning. Negotiation AI will become very big”, says CWI researcher …

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Streamlining the energy transition with mathematics and informatics

The energy transition requires new solutions for the power grid. And that’s where math and computer science come in. CWI researchers are using mathematics to make sense of power outages, to automatically …

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Fair solutions to power grid capacity problems

Our power grid is running into capacity problems. Brinn Hekkelman recently obtained a PhD on ways to fairly distribute the available capacity of the power grid among users.

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IT systems pollute and discriminate, but we can build responsible IT

Digital systems have grown and scaled tremendously in a relatively short period of time. This was accompanied by quick fixes - things we would do differently today. Yet we can create responsible …

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Shaping the technologies that impact our democracy

Misinformation is just one of many problems we face with the rise of artificial intelligence. Technology is impacting our democracy in an unprecedented way. That is why CWI, the university of Amsterdam …

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Best Paper at AAMAS conference 2022

Tim Baarslag and Thimjo Koça from CWI’s Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group have been awarded a best paper award at the AAMAS conference.

Best Paper at AAMAS conference 2022

Nanda Piersma (HvA/CWI) appointed as first HBO crown member of the Social and Economic Council

Hogeschool van Amsterdam lecturer and researcher at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) Nanda Piersma has been appointed crown member of the Social and Economic Council (SER). The Council of Ministers approved her …

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2 million euros for human-centered AI research

CWI will focus on developing new AI tools that strengthen the democratic function of media.

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