Tim Baarslag joins KNAW Council for Natural Sciences and Technology

Senior researcher Tim Baarslag joined the KNAW Council for Natural Sciences and Technology (RNTW) this month. The RNTW is one of the four internal advisory councils of the KNAW.

Publication date
3 Apr 2024

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is a society of eminent scientists that advises the government in the field of science, supported by the RNTW, among others. For example, the RNTW provides advice on all aspects of science in the field of natural and technical sciences. This council also plays a role in the peer review of KNAW opinions and in the nomination of experts for international advisory processes.

The RNTW consists of up to 20 members who are appointed in a personal capacity on the basis of their scientific expertise. They are appointed for three years, with the possibility of renewal for another three years.

About Tim Baarslag

Tim Baarslag is already well known to the KNAW. Almost three years ago, he joined the Young Academy, a platform of researchers from various disciplines who have proven themselves in their field and who, at the time of their appointment, have received their PhD less than ten years ago.

Most recently, Baarslag became the head of CWI's Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group. He currently investigates how negotiation AI can coordinate multiple deals as part of an NWO Vidi grant, called COMBINE: Coordinating Multi-deal Bilateral Negotiations.

His research is featured in: