PhD student Tamara Florijn is one of the Faces of Science

What is life like for a young scientist? Tamara Florijn (CWI/Utrecht University) has been chosen as one of the Faces of Science to share her life as a PhD student through blogs and videos.

Publication date
20 Mar 2024

KNAW recently appointed twelve new Faces of Science to expand the network of PhD students who promote science through blogs, vlogs and presentations. One of them is Tamara Florijn,a PhD student in the Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group at CWI and the University of Utrecht. Her work focuses on teaching a computer to negotiate.

That is actually quite difficult. Humans intuitively know how to compromise in a negotiation, but computers don't have that gut feeling. They have to make the best strategic decisions based on mathematics and algorithms. Tamara uses computer simulations and mathematical evidence to find the best strategies in multi-party negotiations.

She is looking forward to telling her stories next year. "It will be a challenge to visualize my research - after all, I'm working with math and computers, not animals or plants. But I will certainly try to give science a face", she says.

By the end of April Faces of Science will introduce Tamara with a short movie. If you want to follow her and read her contributions, visit this page.

Tamara Florijn being interviewed by a film crew
Filming at CWI for Faces of Science.