Rob van der Mei

Full Name
Prof.dr. R.D. van der Mei
+31 20 592 4129
Scientific Staff Member, Professor - Vrije Universiteit, Manager Research & Development
Rob van der Mei


1995-1999: Senior staff member at AT&T Labs, USA 1999-2002: Senior researcher and consultant at KPN Research 2002-2004: Senior researcher and consultant at TNO ICT Since 2003: Distinguished Full Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (part-time) Since 2004: Senior researcher, Industrial Liaison Officer and Manager R&D at CWI


My main research activities are in the area of Stochastic Operations Research, at the challenging interface of theory and application. My research interests include emergency response systems, predictive policing, management of road traffic, modeling and scalability analysis of ICT systems, mobility, service logistics, freight logistics, grid computing, revenue management, military operations research, sensor networks, call centers, queueing theory and data analytics. I am a co-founder of the spin-off company Stokhos Emergency Mathematics. Currently, I am also the chair of the European COST project named ‘Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services’ (ACROSS).


All publications


  • Harald W. Kuhn Award 2020 (2021)
  • Huibregtsen Award 2021 (2021)
  • First prize for logistic innovation Covid-19 vaccination strategy (2021)
  • Runner-up Huibregtsen-prijs 2014 voor het beste Nederlandse onderzoek dat wetenschappelijk vernieuwend is en dat zicht biedt op een effectieve maatschappelijke toepassing (met Bert Zwart). (2014)

Professional activities

  • Professor: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
  • Principal Investigator: Industrial Liaison Officer CWI
  • Chair: Chairman ICT Innovatie Platform, Vitale ICT Infrastructuren
  • Committee member: Member Core Team NWA Route 16
  • Board Member: Member curatorium R.E. Kooij at TU Delft (since 2012)
  • Committee member: Member of program committee International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
  • Committee member: Member TPC of some 30-40 international conferences on performance modeling and analysis, including leading conferences Performance (bi-yearly) and International Teletraffic Congress (yearly), and smaller regular conferences like Networking, INTERNET, eScience, MACOM, HEALTHINF, MAMA, SETM, ACCESS, WWIC, NETC(G)OOP, AFIN, ICIMP, PhyCS, ICDT, SaCCoNeT and others
  • Board Member: E-Quality
  • Editor: Journal : Transactions on Network Optimization and Control
  • Editor: Associate Editor journal Performance Evaluation (until 2011)
  • Editor: Associate Editor journal AEUE Journal of Electronics and Communications (till 2011)
  • Editor: Associate Editor ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (since 2016)


  • COMET-PS NWO Topsector 1PD (2016)
  • Telplan Municipality Amsterdam (2016)
  • PPS Gemeente Municipality Amsterdam 2PD (2016)
  • PPS ministerie van BZK 2PhD (2016)
  • PPS CTVrede 1PhD (2016)
  • PPS Cofely Cofely/Engie 1PD (2016)
  • DYNAMERGE NWO Topsector 1PhD (2016)
  • PPS Rovecom 1PhD (2015)
  • PPS ING 2PhD+1PD (2015)
  • PPS Mindef Ministry of Defense 1PhD (2015)
  • DYNAFLOAT NWO Topsector 1PhD (2015)
  • PPS TrafficLink TrafficLink 1PhD (2014)
  • RIVM (2014)
  • REPRO-POL Politie en Wetenschap 1PhD (2013)
  • GreenA GreenA (2013)
  • GGD Amsterdam (2013)
  • ACROSS EU COST EU travel (2013)
  • REPRO STW 3PhD+1PD (2012)
  • RM for SMEs in hotel Hogeschool den Haag 1PhD (2012)
  • Industry and NWO 1PhD (2011)
  • TISCALI ICTRegie 1PhD (2011)
  • SeQual SenterNovem 1PhD (2010)
  • Layered QNs NWO STAR (2010)
  • RRR 1PhD (2009)
  • EMS-TP NWO valorization grant 1PhD (2008)
  • WFM for Defense Ministry of Defense 1PhD (2007)
  • Concurrent Access NWO Casimir 1PhD (2007)
  • DP & RM NWO Bonus (2007)

Current projects with external funding

  • Ontwikkeling van Data Analytics, Data Science en Crypto Analyse technieken (None)
  • Samenwerkingsovereenkomst Stichting 113 / CWI - Zelfmoordpreventie (None)
  • Systemic expansion of territorial CIRCULAR Ecosystems for end-of-life FOAM (CIRCULAR FOAM)
  • Customized and Coordinated Solutions for Congestion Bottlenecks in our infrastructure (COCONUT)
  • Data-driven optimization for a vital elderly care system in the Netherlands (DOLCE VITA)
  • Freight Traffic Management As A Service (FTMAAS) (FTMAAS)
  • Bestrijding cybercrime met behulp van Kunstmatige Intelligentie (PPS Cybercrime AI)
  • Robust, Effective and Adaptable Ship Designs for Uncertain Transition Paths (READINESS)
  • Urban Mobility Observatory (UMO)