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CWI publishes on a regular basis news item about our research, education and the social impact of this research. In addition to news items, we publish more extensive stories about high-profile research or about CWI tackling social issues.

Aad van Wijngaarden's role in Informatics

On 18 November 2021 CWI presents the Van Wijngaarden Awards 2021. The prize is named after Aad van Wijngaarden, founding father of Dutch computer science and former director of the Mathematisch Centrum …

Aad van Wijngaarden, 1951 (foto: CWI).

Breakthrough in energy efficient artificial intelligence

Thanks to a mathematical breakthrough, AI applications can become a hundred to a thousand times more energy efficient. This will make it possible to put much more elaborate AI in chips, enabling …

AI Image

Better statistics leads to better research

The freedom to work on interesting topics.

Better Statistics Leads to Better Research

IMPACT4ART: the interplay between scientists, art historians, conservators and the general public

The wooden sculpture shown in the green oval is surrounded by mystery: How old is this wooden sculpture? Where and by whom was it made? Mathematics and computer science can help to …

CWI algemeen 2022 09 06-139

CWI: 75 years of pioneering research

This year, CWI is celebrating! 75 years ago, the institute opened its doors under the name Mathematisch Centrum.

Studio meeting CWI 75 years

Keeping it local: interview with AI researcher Sander Bohte

Bennie Mols interviewed Sander Bohte for ACM Communications about his breakthrough in energy efficient AI.

sander bohte gespiegeld

Noisy numbers

Although we heavily rely on computations executed by computers, many computations produce inaccurate results. What if computers are wrong?

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AI Calculates Best Treatment Plan

A computer that calculates an entire series of optimized treatment plans for prostate cancer in 30 seconds – that took some getting used to for medical specialists. Using artificial intelligence, the computer …

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