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CWI publishes on a regular basis news item about our research, education and the social impact of this research. In addition to news items, we publish more extensive stories about high-profile research or about CWI tackling social issues.

How CWI researchers helped fight the corona crisis

During more than a year and a half of the coronacrisis, CWI researchers worked on epidemiological models, apps for contact tracing, statistical methods for drug trials and vaccination strategy.

How CWI researchers helped fight the corona crisis


QuSoft is the Dutch research center for the development of software and technology for future quantum computers. It is a collaboration between CWI and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

CWI Algemeen 2022 09 15-087

Have a computer negotiate for you

In complex negotiations – from the sale of a house to the formation of a coalition – it is often impossible for people to oversee all aspects. CWI’s senior researcher Tim Baarslag …

Tim Baarslag wins NWO-Vidi grant to study AI for better procurement negotiations

Together with universities we tackle major societal challenges.

CWI considers it important to link its own scientific research to education and training at universities. Currently, more than thirty CWI researchers hold part-time appointments at nine Dutch universities.


Europe needs strong software research

“Software is eating the world.” Like oxygen is an essential element for all life forms, software is the invisible yet crucial fabric of our society. Researchers from Finland, France and the Netherlands …

Europe needs strong software research

Aad van Wijngaarden's role in Informatics

On 18 November 2021 CWI presents the Van Wijngaarden Awards 2021. The prize is named after Aad van Wijngaarden, founding father of Dutch computer science and former director of the Mathematisch Centrum …

Aad van Wijngaarden, 1951 (foto: CWI).

Breakthrough in energy efficient artificial intelligence

Thanks to a mathematical breakthrough, AI applications can become a hundred to a thousand times more energy efficient. This will make it possible to put much more elaborate AI in chips, enabling …

AI Image

Better statistics leads to better research

The freedom to work on interesting topics.

Better Statistics Leads to Better Research