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Evolutionary Algorithms for optimization and medical image segmentation

Arkadiy Dushatskiy investigated the application of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) in optimization problems and proposes a novel approach to medical image segmentation. He focused on the Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithm (GOMEA) and …

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CWI researchers involved in 2 consortia receiving millions in funding

Several CWI researchers are involved in projects that have received substantial funding under the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA). The Human-Centered Data Analytics group is represented in a project, led by Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, …


New ICAI Lab 'Explainable AI for health'

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) have joined forces in the ICAI* Lab 'Explainable AI for Health'. Together they will develop new forms of artificial intelligence …

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Best paper award for a novel approach to training neural networks

A paper on multi-objective (MO) training of neural networks, written by researchers from CWI and Leiden University Medical Center, has received the best paper award during the international EMO 2023 conference.

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Artificial intelligence helps deciding on best radiation therapy for prostate tumours

An algorithm developed by CWI and Amsterdam UMC helps doctors determine the best plan for internal radiotherapy. This makes prostate cancer more treatable. Thanks to the research of Anton Bouter and his …


Prognosing onset of ALS disease with AI methods

Accurately predicting whether a person will develop ALS: bioinformatics researchers at Bielefeld University, Germany, published a study in Nature Machine Intelligence. Part of this research was done at CWI.

Alexander Schoenhuth, Bielefeld University. Picture: Bielefeld University/Sarah Jonek.

How higher mathematics generates innovation in healthcare

Scientists at CWI pursuing life sciences and health research are committed to designing models with direct applications to challenges in healthcare. Their work varies from optimizing treatment plans for cancer patients and …


Life Sciences and Health makes way for new group: Evolutionary Intelligence

Since 1 October CWI has a new group: Evolutionary Intelligence (EI). At the same time, the Life Sciences and Health (LSH) group has ceased to exist. The group leader of EI is …

Life Sciences and Health makes way for new group: Evolutionary Intelligence