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Why does everybody hate databases?

Interview with CWI researcher Hannes Mühleisen about the birth of DuckDB, a database management system he co-developed for people who avoid working with traditional databases.

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Peter Boncz appointed ACM Fellow

CWI researcher Peter Boncz has been appointed as one of the 2022 fellows of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). Boncz is specifically selected for his contributions to the design of columnar, …

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Co-founder DuckDB selected Technology Talent of 2023 by magazine De Ingenieur

Former CWI researcher Mark Raasveldt is one of 15 Technology Talents of 2023 selected by magazine De Ingenieur.

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Hannes Mühleisen appointed as professor at Radboud University

As of January 1, Hannes Mühleisen has been appointed professor by special appointment of Data Engineering at the Faculty of Science's Institute of Radboud University.

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ADS Data & Drinks on Machine Learning and MotherDuck

You are cordially invited to a free “Drinks & Data” meetup (organised by CWI and ADS) with three prominent speakers from the CIDR2023 conference.


CWI spin-off DuckDB Labs partners with MotherDuck, who raises $47.5 million

CWI spin-off company DuckDB Labs helped create startup MotherDuck, which aims to connect DuckDB to the cloud. MotherDuck managed to raise $47.5 million, they announced this week.

CWI spin-off DuckDB Labs partners with MotherDuck, who raises $47.5 million

In Memoriam Martin Kersten

Sadly, Prof. Dr. M.L. (Martin) Kersten (1953-2022), fellow of CWI and emeritus professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam, passed away on 6 July 2022

In Memoriam Martin Kersten

NWO VIDI grant for Hannes Mühleisen

He will work on designing a new, de-centralized data storage architecture where user’s data stays under their control.

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