Peter Boncz appointed ACM Fellow

CWI researcher Peter Boncz has been appointed as one of the 2022 fellows of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). Boncz is specifically selected for his contributions to the design of columnar, main-memory, and vectorized database systems. The award is a great scientific honour.

Publication date
18 Jan 2023

Only six Dutch computer scientists previously received this symbol of excellence, among whom Edsger Dijkstra, Martin Kersten and Andrew Tanenbaum, who all worked at CWI. The 3 currently active Dutch ACM fellows are Frans Kaashoek (MIT), Joost-Pieter Katoen and Wil van der Aalst, both at RWTH Aachen.

About the Fellows program

The ACM Fellows program was established in 1993 to recognize outstanding ACM members. Only the top 1% of the ACM members is selected for this fellowship. They are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community. Fellows are nominated by their peers, with nominations reviewed by a distinguished selection committee.

For 2022 ACM named 57 fellows for outstanding contributions that propel technology today.

Peter Boncz

About Peter Boncz

Peter Boncz is a researcher in the area of data systems in the Database Architectures group and a member of the CWI management team. He is also professor in the special chair of Large Scale Analytical Database Systems at VU University Amsterdam and co-founder of four spin-off companies in data systems.
His efforts to create a Dutch data systems ecosystem led to Databricks investing more than 100M euro in an Amsterdam R&D center, and the creation of the partnership strategy of DuckDB Labs (the latest spin-off from his group) that led to the new startup MotherDuck. He has also been general chair of SIGMOD 2019 Amsterdam and co-organizes now the originally US-only CIDR conference in Amsterdam, as well as Amsterdam Data Science meetups around these.