Best paper award at International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

CWI’s Database Architectures group was recognized for the paper “The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Business Intelligence Workload”.

Publication date
30 Aug 2023

Gábor Szárnyas (CWI), Jack Waudby (Newcastle University), Benjamin A. Steer (Pometry), Dávid Szakállas, Altan Birler (Technische Universität München), Mingxi Wu (TigerGraph), Yuchen Zhang (TigerGraph) and Peter Boncz (CWI) have received the Best Paper Award for their paper “The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Business Intelligence Workload” in the Experiment, Analysis, & Benchmark Track. The award was presented at a plenary session at the 49th VLDB 2023 in Vancouver.

The paper marks the finalization of almost a decade of research in academia and industry via the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC), founded by CWI database researcher Peter Boncz. It is focused on The Social Network Benchmark’s Business Intelligence workload (SNB BI): a comprehensive graph OLAP benchmark targeting analytical data systems capable of supporting graph workloads. The paper describes how SNB BI advances the state-of-the art in synthetic and scalable analytical database benchmarks in many aspects. More information can be found in the paper

CWI’s Database Architectures (DA) group has a strong presence at the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases in Vancouver, Canada. They presented 7 papers in 3 different tracks.

VLDB 2023 Best Paper Award ceremony, with Gábor Szárnyas and Peter Boncz from CWI.
Gábor Szárnyas (2nd from left) and Peter Boncz (3rd from left) from CWI, receiving the VLDB 2023 Best Paper Award in Vancouver, on 29 August 2023.

About LDBC

The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) is a non-profit organization founded by CWI’s Peter Boncz aiming to define standard graph benchmarks to foster a community around graph processing technologies. LDBC consists of members from both industry and academia, including organizations and individuals.

About VLDB

VLDB is a premier annual international forum for data management and database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. The VLDB 2023 conference will feature research talks, tutorials, demonstrations, and workshops. It will cover issues in data management, database and information systems research, since they are the technological cornerstones of the emerging applications of the 21st century.

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