Peter Boncz

Scientific Staff Member, Coordinator Partnerships & Transfer, Professor

Full Name Prof.dr. P.A. Boncz
Function(s) Scientific Staff Member, Coordinator Partnerships & Transfer, Professor
Telephone +31 20 592 4309
Room L316
Department(s) Database Architectures


Senior research scientist at CWI and professor at VU University Amsterdam (at the special chair of Large-Scale Analytical data Management), specializing in database system architecture. Architected two database systems, MonetDB and X100. Participated in two successful CWI spin-off companies in large-scale data management: Data Distilleries and VectorWise. Half-time appointment during 2013-2014 at Technical University Munich (TUM) as senior fellow.Internationally well-known for work on columnar database systems, architecture-conscious database research, and graph database benchmarking. MonetDB and VectorWise are widely regarded as state-of-the-art analytical database systems.

Selected Publications

  • S. Héman, M. Zukowski, N.J. Nes, L. Sidirourgos, P.A. Boncz, Positional update handling in column stores, ACM, 2010
  • R. Cornacchia, S. Héman, M. Zukowski, Arjen P. de Vries, P.A. Boncz, Flexible and efficient IR using array databases, Springer, 151-168, 2008
  • P.A. Boncz, M.L. Kersten, S. Manegold, Breaking the memory wall in MonetDB, A.C.M., 77-85, 2008
  • P.A. Boncz, T. Grust, M. van Keulen, S. Manegold, J. Rittinger, J. Teubner, MonetDB/XQuery: A fast XQuery processor powered by a relational engine, ACM, 2006
  • W. Alink, R. Bhoedjang, P.A. Boncz, Arjen P. de Vries, XIRAF - XML-based indexing and querying for digital forensics, Elsevier, 50-58, 2006
  • M. Zukowski, P.A. Boncz, N.J. Nes, S. Héman, MonetDB/X100 - A DBMS in the CPU cache, IEEE, 17-22, 2005
  • P.A. Boncz, Monet: a next-generation database kernel for query-intensive applications, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2002
  • P.A. Boncz, S. Manegold, M.L. Kersten, Optimizing main-memory join on modern hardware, I.E.E.E. Computer Society Press, 709-730, 2002


  • Actian CWI Research Grant
  • Graphalyzing4Security