VectorWise: a fast analytics database that handles continuous updates without a performance penalty

VectorWise (2008) is based on scientific research results and derives its strength from a completely new approach on data processing. The approach makes use of vector processing on data sets in which every vector is tailored to the size of the cache memory of modern processors.

The vectorized execution model also allows exploiting SIMD features (such as SSE in Intel CPUs) as well as multi-core technology, and is complemented by innovations to help optimize high-bandwidth disk I/O. The new method is beneficial for existing database applications and allows organizations to perform data analysis tasks that were previously not feasible.

Applications are not restricted to businesses, as increasingly advances in logistics, science, medicine and healthcare depend on the analysis of very large data volumes. The CWI spin-off VectorWise that was created around this software, was sold in 2011 to Actian Corporation. More information can be found on this website about Vector.