Ying Zhang


Full Name Dr. Y. Zhang
Function(s) Researcher
Telephone +31 20 592 4229
Room L327
Department(s) Database Architectures


Zhang Ying is a postdoctoral researcher of the Database Architecture group of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam since 2010. In the SciLens projec, Ying is a co-designer of SciQL, an SQL based array query language for scientific data. In the EU FP7-ICT project PlanetData, Ying is the leader of the scientific work package on "Data Streams and Dynamicity" and the representative of CWI. She carried out her Ph.D. research (2005-2010) in the same group of the CWI on "XRPC - Efficient Distributed Query Processing on Heterogeneous XQuery Engines". In 2004, she graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Networks at the VU University Amsterdam. Her master's thesis is on the optimization and adaptation of Newscast, an epidemic protocol for P2P file sharing applications. From 2001 to 2005, she also worked at the VU University as a teaching assistant for various programming courses. Ying's primary research interests include database architecture designs for large volume, distributed and heterogeneous scientific data.

Selected Publications

  • C.P. Cijvat, S. Manegold, M.L. Kersten, G.W. Klau, A. Schönhuth, T. Marschall, Ying Zhang, Genome sequence analysis with MonetDB: a case study on Ebola virus diversity, GI, 2015
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  • Ying Zhang, M.D. Pham, O. Corcho, J.P. Calbimonte, SRBench: A Streaming RDF/SPARQL Benchmark, 2012
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