Sjoerd Mullender

Scientific programmer, Chief First aid & Fire Watch

Full Name Drs. K.S. Mullender
Function(s) Scientific programmer, Chief First aid & Fire Watch
Telephone +31 20 592 4304
Room L319
Department(s) Database Architectures, First aid and fire watch

Recent Publications

  • S. Idreos, Fabian Groffen, N.J. Nes, S. Manegold, K.S. Mullender, M.L. Kersten, MonetDB: Two Decades of Research in Column-oriented Database Architectures, IEEE, 40-45, 2012
  • M.L. Kersten, S. Manegold, K.S. Mullender, The Database Architectures Research Group at CWI, ACM, 39-44, 2011
  • P.A. Boncz, S. Manegold, K.S. Mullender, J. Flokstra, M. van Keulen, T. Grust, J. Rittinger, J. Teubner, MonetDB/XQuery-Consistent & Efficient Updates on the Pre/Post Plane (Demo Poster), 2006
  • D.C.A. Bulterman, Lynda Hardman, Jack Jansen, K.S. Mullender, L. Rutledge, GRiNS: A GRaphical INterface for creating and playing SMIL documents, 519-529, 1998
  • Lynda Hardman, G. van Rossum, Jack Jansen, K.S. Mullender, CMIFed: A Transportable Hypermedia Authoring System, ACM, 471-472, 1994