Rob van den Berg

Scientific Staff Member, Professor

Fullname Prof.dr. J. van den Berg
Function(s) Scientific Staff Member, Professor
Telephone 4088
Room M334
Department(s) Stochastics


Van den Berg's research involves the rigorous mathematical treatment ofrandom spatial processes.Recent work by Van den Berg includes the extension of classical sharp-transition results in percolationto a large class of dependent models including the well-known two-dimensional contact process (versionsof which serve as models of vegetation patterns).Further, Van den Berg and his PhD student Kissgeneralized a well-known result in first-passage percolation by Benjamini, Kalai and Schramm.Van den Berg, in cooperation with other researchers, also obtained new resultsfor mathematical models of forest-fires (and related processes which are believed to exhibit self-organized criticality), invasion percolation, frozen percolation and other growth models.Moreover, new correlation-likeinequalities of a combinatorial nature were obtained.

Selected Publications

  • J. van den Berg, A. Gandolfi, BK-type inequalities and generalized random-cluster representations, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 157-181, 2013
  • J. van den Berg, Demeter Kiss, Sublinearity of the travel-time variance for dependent first passage percolation, I.M.S., 743-764, 2012
  • J. van den Berg, B. de Lima, P. Nolin, A percolation process on the square lattice where large finite clusters are frozen, Wiley, 2011
  • J. van den Berg, Sharpness of the percolation transition in the two-dimensional contact process, I.M.S., 374-395, 2011