Rob van den Berg

Scientific Staff Member, Professor

Full Name Prof.dr. J. van den Berg
Function(s) Scientific Staff Member, Professor
Telephone +31 20 592 4088
Room M334
Department(s) Stochastics


Van den Berg's research involves the rigorous mathematical treatment ofrandom spatial processes.Recent work by Van den Berg includes the extension of classical sharp-transition results in percolationto a large class of dependent models including the well-known two-dimensional contact process (versionsof which serve as models of vegetation patterns).Further, Van den Berg and his PhD student Kissgeneralized a well-known result in first-passage percolation by Benjamini, Kalai and Schramm.Van den Berg, in cooperation with other researchers, also obtained new resultsfor mathematical models of forest-fires (and related processes which are believed to exhibit self-organized criticality), invasion percolation, frozen percolation and other growth models.Moreover, new correlation-likeinequalities of a combinatorial nature were obtained.

Selected Publications

  • J. van den Berg, A. Gandolfi, BK-type inequalities and generalized random-cluster representations, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 157-181, 2013
  • J. van den Berg, Demeter Kiss, Sublinearity of the travel-time variance for dependent first passage percolation, I.M.S., 743-764, 2012
  • J. van den Berg, B. de Lima, P. Nolin, A percolation process on the square lattice where large finite clusters are frozen, Wiley, 2011
  • J. van den Berg, Sharpness of the percolation transition in the two-dimensional contact process, I.M.S., 374-395, 2011