Bert Zwart

Full Name
Prof.dr. A.P. Zwart
+31 20 592 4018
Scientific Staff Member, Professor - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Group leader
Bert Zwart


All publications


  • Best publication award INFORMS Revenue Management & Pricing section best publication award, 2016. (2016)
  • Dantzig Prize (2015)
  • Performance conferentie, Namen Belgie - Best paper (2010)
  • Erlang Prize - October (2008)
  • IBM Faculty Award - 2008/2009 (2008)
  • ASML Prize (2002)
  • Gijs de Leve Prize (2002)
  • Applied Probability Trust Award (2001)

Professional activities

  • Professor: Professor by special appointment Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)
  • Board Member: Member of the management team of STAR, the Dutch mathematics network on Stochastic (since 2014; chair since July 2015).
  • Editor: Associate editor: Stochastic Models
  • Committee member: Stochastic Networks steering committee
  • Committee member: Steering committee of the Stochastic Models conferences in Bedlewo
  • Speaker: Keynote speaker: Risk day, Cambridge, UK
  • Speaker: Keynote speaker: European Conference on Queueing Theory, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Stochastic Networks conference, Edinburgh, UK
  • Speaker: Opening lecture at workshop on Societal Networks, Simons Institute, Berkeley
  • Speaker: Keynote speaker: UK conference on Mathematics and Operations Research, Birmingham, UK
  • Advisor: Eurandom


  • Vici Innovational Research Grant NWO Rare events : asymptotics, algorithms, applications (2015)
  • Rare Events: asymptotics, algorithms, application. Single PI VICI grant for innovational research. Organization: NWO (Dutch Science foundation). Total amount: € 1.500. (2015)
  • Two-dimensional models in queues and risk. Co-PI jointly with O.J. Boxma (TU/e, PI), M. Mandjes (UvA), and S. Nunez (CWI/UvA). Organization: NWO (Dutch Science foundation), TOP program. 2014--2018. Total amount: Four years of salary for two Ph.D. students and travel money (about € 420.000). One position filled at CWI. (2014)
  • Funding to create tenure track position in the CWI stochastics group. P. van der Ven, who filled the position as of September 2014. Total amount: € 240.000 (NWO STAR) (2014)
  • STAR cluster Dynamic pricing under demand uncertainty. PI, joint with G. Koole and R. van der Mei (CWI and VU University). Organization: NWO (Dutch Science foundation), STAR cluster. A Ph.D student position (€ 100.000, combined with several other sources, in particular funds from J.P. vd Rest, HHS Den Haag). March 2013 - February 2016. (2013)
  • Reliability and Robustness of Power Grids. co-PI, joint with D. Crommelin (CWI, PI). Organization: FOM, in collaboration with Shell, program on computational energy systems. A Ph.D student position, and travel money (€ 256.000). June 2013 - May 2017. (2013)
  • Bridging probabilistic and competitive analysis of scheduling policies.} PI, (co-PI: N. Bansal (TU/e). Organization: NWO (Dutch Science foundation), free competition program. A Ph.D student position and travel money (€ 212.000). September 2013 -- August 2017. (2013)
  • STAR cluster Infinite queueing networks with blocking and interacting particle systems. PI, Joint with R. Meester (VU University). Organization: NWO (Dutch Science foundation), STAR cluster. A two year postdoc position (€ 100.000). December 2012 -- November 2014. (2012)
  • Vidi Innovational Research Grant NWO - High dimensional service systems (2008)
  • Veni Innovational Research Grant NWO - Asymptotic analysis of queueing systems (2005)