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Programming problem patched: PhD candidate discovers breakthrough in software security

By chance, computer scientist Hans-Dieter Hiep (Leiden University and CWI) discovered a ‘gaping hole’ in a widely used method for evaluating software security. Hiep patched the hole, causing quite a stir in …

Hans-Dieter Hiep, CWI's Computer Security group, in 2020. Picture: CWI (Other focus area)

NWO Gravitation: 21.5 million euros for 'Challenges in Cyber Security'

'Challenges in Cyber Security' is one of seven research projects that received an NWO Gravitation grant this year. The project has the impressive sum of 21.5 million euros attached. Among the scientists …

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Marten van Dijk and co-authors win ACM CCS 2023 Test of Time Award

Marten van Dijk and his co-authors won the ACM CCS 2023 Test of Time Award for their research on Path ORAM – an algorithm to prevent adversaries from using access patterns to …

Marten van Dijk at a whiteboard at CWI, January 2024 (with focus area).

Google award for discovering bug in Java library

CWI researchers received a prize from Google for discovering an overflow bug in Java’s standard software library, the LinkedList bug. They prevented a possibility for hackers to make unsafe connections via Java.

Hans-Dieter Hiep (CSY, Leiden University) in a work meeting. Picture: CWI. [NB Please keep focal area]

Marten van Dijk wins IEEE CS Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

For his contributions to oblivious and encrypted computation Marten van Dijk won the 2023 IEEE CS Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award.

Marten van Dijk at the 2023 Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award ceremony on 19 September 2023.

Marten van Dijk appointed as endowed professor at VU Amsterdam

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Executive Board has appointed Marten van Dijk (CWI) as endowed professor in Secure and Intelligent Computing, effective from 8 November 2022.

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Intel Award for Marten van Dijk and colleagues

Test of Time Award for a single-chip secure processor where the underlying system software is untrusted.

intel chip

Marten van Dijk in New Scientist article on solving privacy problems

Marten van Dijk, head of CWI’s Computer Security group, was quoted in the international edition of New Scientist on ‘An extreme form of encryption could solve big data's privacy problem’.

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