French research institute Inria and Dutch CWI intensify their collaboration

National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria) and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the Dutch national research center for mathematics and computer science, signed a cooperation agreement today.

Publication date
12 Apr 2023

In the presence of Ministers Sylvie Retailleau and Robbert Dijkgraaf, Inria and CWI signed an accord agreeing to extend their cooperation in the fields of Quantum Computing, Human interaction, Energy, Cryptography, Digital Health, Machine Learning and Software Engineering. New in this collaboration is the creation of European joint research teams.

From left to right: French Minister of Higher Education and Science Sylvie Retailleau, chairman/CEO Inria Bruno Sportisse, CWI General Director Ton de Kok and Dutch Minister of Higher Education and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf

Joint research and innovation agenda

CWI and Inria have already collaborated successfully over the past decades and have come to know each other as reliable research partners. Both institutes have an excellent scientific reputation. By strengthening their cooperation through a partnership agreement, both parties join forces to support their research on a European scale and thus achieve important scientific results.

This intensified collaboration will include a joint research and innovation agenda to strengthen networking, external partnership opportunities and funding. Scientific cooperation will be strengthened by creating joint projects as well as joint research teams, in areas like quantum computing, human interaction, energy, cryptography, digital health, machine learning and software engineering.

The more intensive cooperation of both institutes to create a powerful alliance within Europe, as expressed by President Macron during the state visit, fits in with a joint ambition of both institutes to to join forces to cope with major scientific and societal challenges.

Similar vision

Earlier today, Minister Sylvie Retailleau and Inria Chairman/CEO Bruno Sportisse visited CWI in the context of the state visit of President Macron to the Netherlands, where they received a presentation from Professor Peter Bosman about how mathematics and computer science can contribute to the treatment of cancer.

group picture
Visit of the French Minister to CWI. From left to right: Ton de Kok (General Director CWI), Monique Laurent (CWI fellow), Sylvie Retailleau (French Minister of science and education), Bruno Sportisse (chairman and CEO Inria) and Han la Poutré (Scientific Director cooperation Inria-CWI)

CWI director Ton de Kok: “I am very happy that with the signing of this agreement, we are further consolidating our cooperation with Inria. Society faces tremendous scientific challenges, by joining forces we can make a substantial contribution to solving them.”

Inria Chairman and CEO Bruno Sportisse: “This agreement between CWI and Inria illustrates the dynamics of Franco-Dutch cooperation in digital science and technology. CWI and Inria share a similar and open vision of research, close to universities and industry. This strengthening of our partnership opens the way for our research teams to new opportunities through concrete projects, both bilaterally and at the European level."

Minister Dijkgraaf: “The collaboration between Inria and CWI offers opportunities to tackle the challenges of our time together, such as innovations with reliable artificial intelligence or connecting people with virtual reality. Both France and the Netherlands have leading research groups in these fields. Collaborations add to the strong scientific ties that the countries share.”

Pictures: Bas Kijzers