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ERC Advanced Grant for Peter Grünwald for research on a revolutionary statistical theory

Peter Grünwald, senior researcher in the Machine Learning group of CWI and part-time full professor of Statistical Learning at Leiden University has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for his research on …

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Making AI more energy efficient with neuromorphic computing

Twenty-five years of pioneering work in neuromorphic computing at CWI is now bearing fruit. Thanks to algorithmic breakthroughs in training spiking neural networks many AI-applications can become much more energy-efficient.


Revolutionizing statistics to tame the replication crisis

CWI researchers have developed a better measure for determining whether or not scientific results are statistically significant. This ‘E-value’, as it is called, replaces the commonly used but often problematic p-value.

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CWI involved in new consortium on energy-efficient AI

A total of 9 projects will receive 9 million euros by NWO.


Study presents large brain-like neural networks for AI

In a study that appears today in Nature Machine Intelligence*, CWI researchers Bojian Yin and Sander Bohté demonstrate a significant step towards artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used in local devices …

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Learning better from data: Rianne de Heide wins prestigious award for her dissertation

How can humans and computers learn from data? In her dissertation Rianne de Heide describes some of these problems and introduces a new way of hypothesis testing. For this she received the …


Veni grant for Alexander Ly

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awarded a Veni grant to Alexander Ly, who will start working at CWI in the run of 2022. Ly received the grant for his proposal “Increasing Scientific …


New statistical method brings studies together at an early stage

To be able to combine global research, PhD student Judith ter Schure of CWI's Machine Learning group developed a new kind of statistics: ALL-IN meta-analysis.