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Study presents large brain-like neural networks for AI

In a study that appears today in Nature Machine Intelligence*, CWI researchers Bojian Yin and Sander Bohté demonstrate a significant step towards artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used in local devices …

brain on chip - neural networks

Learning better from data: Rianne de Heide wins prestigious award for her dissertation

How can humans and computers learn from data? In her dissertation Rianne de Heide describes some of these problems and introduces a new way of hypothesis testing. For this she received the …


Veni grant for Alexander Ly

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awarded a Veni grant to Alexander Ly, who will start working at CWI in the run of 2022. Ly received the grant for his proposal “Increasing Scientific …


New statistical method brings studies together at an early stage

To be able to combine global research, PhD student Judith ter Schure of CWI's Machine Learning group developed a new kind of statistics: ALL-IN meta-analysis.


Energy-efficient AI detects heart defects

Mathematical breakthrough by CWI allows neuromorphic chip to recognise heart defects, speech and hand gestures up to a thousand times more energy efficient. Such low-energy AI chips are ideal for wearable and …

Energy-efficient AI detects heart defects

Breakthrough in energy efficient artificial intelligence

Thanks to a mathematical breakthrough, AI applications can become a hundred to a thousand times more energy efficient. This will make it possible to put much more elaborate AI in chips, enabling …

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Better statistics leads to better research

The freedom to work on interesting topics.

Better Statistics Leads to Better Research

CWI launches first podcast ‘Superscience’

Together with IT professional magazine AG Connect, CWI presents a podcast series in honour of its 75th anniversary: Superscience. In the first episode: Sander Bohté.

CWI launches first podcast ‘Superscience’