More on Intelligent and Autonomous Systems

Who we are and what we do.

Research Objectives

Combining expertise from both mathematics (e.g. stochastics, game theory, operation research) and computer science (artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computation), IAS researchers conduct research in:

  • Data-efficient, robust, transferable and explainable learning, planning and resource allocation in multi-agent systems.
  • Multi-Agent Systems and Human-AI collectives (HAIC): investigating strategic and emergent behavior in multi-agents systems or collectives comprising both humans and AI agents, involving research topics ranging from negotiation and opponent modeling, to auction bidding, mechanism design and collective decision making.
  • Explainable and Responsible AI
  • Fundamental problems inspired by applications to energy systems, logistics, negotiations, and games as general models of strategic interactions.

Opportunities and Community Building

  • Seminars For more information on our seminars, visit our event page
  • Internships We invite talented Master's and PhD candidates to have a look at our internships.
  • Supporting the AI community We strongly believe that successful research is a community effort to which we want to contribute: