Ambulant: An open media player for SMIL presentations

The Ambulant Open SMIL Player is an open-source media player with support for SMIL, a W3C XML standard to describe multimedia presentations.

The Ambulant Open SMIL Player is an open-source media player with support for SMIL, a W3C XML standard to describe multimedia presentations. It supports version 3.0 of the SMIL Language, UnifiedMobile, and SMIL Tiny profiles.

SMIL defines HTML-like markup for presenting media items such as text, images, video, audio, links and files, and for timing, layout, animations, visual transitions and media embedding.

Ambulant has been developed by the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group and is the de-facto reference player for SMIL 3.0. It is available as a stand-alone application, as well as a plugin enabling SMIL playback in other products. The Ambulant software has been used in various products and projects, such as the AMIS reader for talking books for the blind, and the EU-funded AXMEDIS project.