Ambulant: An open media player for SMIL presentations

The Ambulant Open SMIL Player is an open-source media player with support for SMIL, a W3C XML standard to describe multimedia presentations.

Bio-Signal Data Processing and Visualization Suite: The full cycle

The Bio-Signal Data Processing and Visualization Suite supports the full cycle of collecting, processing, analysing and visualizing data from physiological sensors.

Invisible XML: parsing any format into XML

Invisible XML is based on the idea that data in any parsable format can be treated as XML -- a format that is readable by machines as well as humans -- without the need for markup.

VideoLat: Measuring end-to-end delays in A/V systems

VideoLat is a toolset to measure the delays of audio-visual pipelines, such as teleconferencing systems.

2-IMMERSE: end-to-end platform for interactive, immersive multi-screen broadcast experiences

An open-source, end-to-end platform for developing and deploying interactive, immersive multi-screen broadcast experiences.

CWIPC: dataset and software for social VR and dynamic point clouds

A dynamic point cloud dataset that depicts humans interacting in social XR settings. As part of the release, we provide annotated raw material, resulting point cloud sequences, and an auxiliary software toolbox to acquire, process, encode, and visualize data, suitable for real-time applications.

MP3DG: development framework for point cloud compression algorithms

MP3DG is a software framework for the design, implementation and evaluation of point cloud compression algorithms. It has been developed in the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group as an extension of the open Point Cloud Library (PCL).

QoE Testbed: Performing quality studies on video-conferencing systems

The QoE Testbed is a set of tools for conducting Quality of Experience (QoE) studies for video-conferencing.