Control Theory and Reinforcement Learning

This semester programme is planned for the first half of 2025. Read more below.

Control theory and reinforcement learning converge on a shared objective: facilitating autonomous, real-time decision-making to optimise dynamical processes. Historically, these disciplines have diverged in assumptions regarding available prior information and in analytical techniques applied. However, recent advances bridging the two domains are fostering collaborations. The upcoming CWI semester program in spring 2025, themed "Control Theory and Reinforcement Learning: Connections and Challenges", will comprise a spring school and workshops on various sub-topics, orchestrated by a distinguished team including Sean Meyn, Bert Kappen, Maryam Kamgarpour, Frans Oliehoek, Debabrota Basu, Matthia Sabatelli, and Aditya Gilra, to explore the intersections and challenges within these intertwined fields.

Spring School 2025 on Control Theory and Reinforcement Learning: Connections and Challenges

Dates: 17-21 (Mon-Fri) March, 2025.
Location: Turing Hall, CWI, Science Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Sean Meyn, Univ. of Florida, USA.
  • Bert Kappen, Radboud Univ, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
  • Frans Oliehoek, TU Delft, Netherlands.
  • Debabrota Basu, Inria, Lille, France.
  • Maryam Kamgarpour, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Aditya Gilra, CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Teaching Assistants:
Caio Kalil Lauand, Univ. of Florida, USA.
(more to be added)

The school will be at a preparatory PhD level, suitable for advanced Master's and starting PhD students in this subject. Applications will be invited later in 2024.