Research Semester Programmes

The research semester programmes are the main levers of CWI to take its leadership role, team up with its communities to work together on scientific challenges with societal impact, create research consortia, develop grant proposals and tailored valorization approaches.

The main means to strengthen our national role is the organization of semester programmes, which enable breakthroughs in current research topics, generate new ideas and topics and create the intensive collaboration needed to ultimately turn ideas into concrete contributions to science and society. An overview of past and current semester programmes can be found here.

National research collaborations

A scientific semester programme facilitates joint national research collaborations and brings together scientists on interesting, current topics that preferably fit within our focus areas. A group of researchers will be invited to work together on a regular basis over several months on a specific scientific subject. Such semester programmes will also include a series of satellite events that appeal to young talents and will also be used to bring in international experts. Examples are a mini-symposium, masterclass, hackathon or data challenge. As stated earlier, the semester programmes are the main means to create dynamics in the research portfolio of CWI and its Dutch communities within the scope of the four research focus areas. These semester programmes should yield submissions, together with university researchers, of medium- and large-scale research projects funded by NWO and the European Commission. By 2027 we aim for participation in three NWO Gravitation programmes (or programmes of a similar scale).

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Call for Proposals 2025-2027

We invite colleagues from Dutch universities to jointly set up CWI Research Semester Programmes.

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