Application criteria

We are looking for motivated mathematics and computer science students who are in an advanced phase of their PhD studies and who have been assigned a research project. To qualify for the CWI internship you are based in a country outside of the Netherlands.


All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, colour, religion or national origin. However, each year  the committee aims at granting at least one third of the internships female researchers. We especially encourage female researchers to apply for the internships programming. 


Start and end dates are flexible with regard to academic schedules, but you will be expected to commit to three consolidated months of full-time work. Please note that if you need to apply for a visa, the completion of the application procedure might be time consuming.


To enter The Netherlands you might need a visa. Whether you need a visa, residence permit and/or a working permit is based on your nationality. The Personnel & Organization department (P&O) of CWI will guide you through the whole procedure, step by step.

To simplify the application process we would like to give you a few helpful suggestions. Please carefully read the section below in order to find out more about what it is we are looking for.

Resume, research proposal and letter of reference

Include in your application a resume, research proposal and a letter of reference. Only focus on the things you feel are relevant to the internship you are applying for.

Your resume includes

  • Your email address
  • Institute/university address and phone number
  • Home address and phone number
  • Academic research area
  • Any awards you have received, articles you have published or conference presentations you have given. We do not need to see copies of any awards or publications, just a reference to them.
  • Expected graduation date.

Your research proposal

  • Is 1 page maximal. 
  • Make your research proposal as concrete and specific as possible.
  • Please indicate in which group you aim to perform the research and in collaboration with whom.
  • Note: Explicit support from one of CWI's research groups is required. Please include a letter of support from a CWI staff member (not a PhD student) or have it sent to before the application deadline.

Letter of reference

Enclose a letter of reference from one or two faculty members or academic advisers. If they wish to send their letters of reference separately, they can do so by using the email address .

Please note that we prefer to receive all documents in PDF.


If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please send an email to