Internships for PhD students

The CWI Internship is an incubator for talented PhD students who are active researchers in mathematics and computer science. It is a programme with challenging projects.

Dates are flexible with regard to academic schedules, but you will be expected to commit to about three consolidated months of full-time work at CWI.

You will be working in a team of talented and enthusiastic researchers which helps you develop your skills and make you a more interesting candidate in the research field. You will be assigned an internal supervisor who will inspire you and your team. As a member of this project and team-based internship programme you will have the opportunity to act as a top performer in mathematics and computer science.

What's in it for you?

We want to make sure we provide you a valuable learning experience and a deeper understanding of CWI's research objectives. You can attend interesting talks, lectures and workshops given by various researchers. Next to a good learning experience, nice colleagues, and lots of fun in Amsterdam, you will receive compensation in the form of an internship stipend, we will arrange and pay for your housing and will pay for your ticket. We will give you recommendations on the best places to go in Amsterdam, and also give you an overview of the surrounding areas.

Can't wait to work and live in Amsterdam? Visit the Internet Guide to Amsterdam to get a first impression. This guide is written by one of our CWI colleagues. Please note that the CWI Internship committee is not in charge of updating these pages. You can also consult Time Out Amsterdam or Expatica for further information.

Do you have the advanced skills and passion to do research at CWI? Seize this opportunity and read more in the work@CWI page.

More information on the application criteria.

The deadline for applying for internships in 2025 will be this Fall. More details will follow soon.