N&O Seminar

The N&O seminar is organized by the Networks and Optimization group and takes place at CWI (see here for directions). 

For information you may contact Willem Feijen (willem.feijen at cwi.nl), Samarth Tiwari (samarth.tiwari at cwi.nl) or Sven Polak (sven.polak at cwi.nl). 


Speaker: Kevin Shu (Georgia Tech)
Title: Sparse Quadratic Programs via Polynomial Roots
Date/Location: Wednesday September 28th, 16:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Ferenc Bencs (University of Amsterdam)
Title: A uniqueness result about Gibbs measures
Date/Location: Friday August 26th, 11am, L120 and online

Speaker: Sophie Klumper (CWI)
Title: Budget Feasible Mechanisms for Procurement Auctions with Divisible Agents
Date/Location: Wednesday July 6th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin)
Title: Self-Adjusting Networks
Date/Location: Wednesday June 15th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Sophie Huiberts (CWI)
Title: Speeding up the Cutting Plane Method?
Date/Location: Wednesday June 1st, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Carla Groenland (Utrecht University)

Title: Universal Graphs and Labelling Schemes
Date/Location: Wednesday May 4th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Pieter Kleer (Tilburg University)
Title: Optimal Stopping Theory for a Distributionally Robust Seller
Date/Location: Wednesday April 13th, 11am, L016 and online

Speaker: Tristan van Leeuwen (CWI)
Title: Optimisation challenges in computational imaging
Date/Location: Wednesday March 30th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Marten van Dijk (CWI)
Title: Asynchronous SGD over Distributed Local Data Sets with Differential Privacy
Date/Location: Wednesday March 16nd, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Samarth Tiwari (CWI)
Title: Hide & Seek: Privacy-Preserving Rebalancing on Payment Channel Networks
Date/Location: Wednesday March 2nd, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Alex L. Wang (Carnegie Mellon University)
Title: First-order methods for nonconvex quadratically constrained quadratic programs
Date: Wednesday February 16nd, 4pm, online and L017

Speaker: Sven Polak (CWI)
Title: Mutually Unbiased Bases: Polynomial Optimization and Symmetry
Date/Location: Wednesday February 2nd, 11am, L017 and online


Speaker: Ruben Brokkelkamp (CWI)
Title: Capturing Corruption with Hybrid Auctions
Date: Thursday July 1st, 11am

Speaker: Marek Elias (CWI)
Title: Differentially Private Release of Synthetic Graphs
Date: Thursday June 17th, 1:30pm

Speaker: Sander Borst (CWI)
Title: On the Integrality Gap of Binary Integer Programs with Gaussian Data
Date: Tuesday May 11th, 1pm

Speaker: Willem Feijen (CWI)
Title: Using Machine Learning Predictions to Speed-up Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm
Date: Thursday April 1st, 11am

Speaker: Simon Telen (MPI Leipzig)
Title: Eigenvalue methods for solving polynomial systems
Date: Wednesday March 17th, 2pm


Speaker: Samarth Tiwari (CWI)
Title: On the Complexity of Branching Proofs
Date: Thursday 02 July, 2pm

Speaker: Bernard Zweers (CWI)
Title: Maximum Coverage with Cluster Constraints: An LP-Based Approximation Technique
Date: Thursday 18 June, 1:30pm

Speaker: Makrand Sinha (CWI)
Title: Online Vector Balancing and Geometric Discrepancy
Date: Thursday 28 May, 2pm

Speaker: Sophie Huiberts (CWI)
Title: Layered-least-squares interior point methods -- a combinatorial optimization perspective
Date: Thursday 14 May, 2pm

Speaker: Christian Coester (CWI)
Title: Online metric algorithms with untrusted predictions
Date: Thursday 07 May, 2pm

Speaker: Raghu Meka (UCLA)
Title: Secret Sharing Resilient against Leakage and Tampering
Date/Location: Wednesday 26 February, 11am, L016


Speaker: Gianpaolo Oriolo (Dicii - Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
Title: A journey through the the stable set problem in claw-free graphs
Date/Location: Wednesday 27 November, 1:30pm, L120

Speaker: Jarek Byrka (University of Wroclaw)
Title: Breaching the 2-Approximation Barrier for Connectivity Augmentation: a Reduction to Steiner Tree
Date/Location: Monday 25 November, 2pm, L016

Speaker: Sebastian Pokutta (Zuse Institute & TU Berlin)
Title: Locally Accelerated Conditional Gradients
Date/Location: Wednesday 09 


Speaker: Kim-Manuel Klein (Kiel University)
Title: About the Complexity of 2-Stage Stochastic IPs
Date/Location: Tuesday 24 September, 11am, L016

Speaker: Jesper Nederlof (TU Eindhoven)
Title: On the worst-case complexity of the Traveling Salesman Problem
Date/Location: Tuesday 17 September, 11am, L017

Speaker: Sahil Singla (Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study)
Title: Improved Truthful Mechanisms for Combinatorial Auctions with Submodular Bidders
Date/Location: Tuesday 27 August, 11am, L017

 Speaker: William Umboh (University of Sydney)
Title: Lower Bounds for Parallel and Randomized Convex Optimization
Date/Location: Friday 26 July, 2pm, L016

 Speaker: Aleksandar Nikolov (University of Toronto)
Title: Proportional Volume Sampling and Approximation Algorithms for Optimal Design
Date/Location: Wednesday 24 July, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Cristobal Guzman (PUC-Chile)
Title: Lower Bounds for Parallel and Randomized Convex Optimization
Date/Location: Wednesday 10 July, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Lucas Slot (CWI)
Title: Improved convergence analysis of Lasserre's measure-based upper bounds for polynomial minimization on compact sets
Date/Location: Wednesday 29 May, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Adrien Taylor (ENS Paris)
Title: Computer-aided worst-case analyses and design of first-order methods
Date/Location: Wednesday 03 April, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Christopher Hojny (TU Darmstadt)
Title: Strong IP Formulations Need Large Coefficients
Date/Location: Wednesday 27 March, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Daniel Vaz (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik)
Title: A New Reduction-To-Tree Technique for Graph Connectivity Problems
Date/Location: Wednesday 20 February, 2pm, L016

 Speaker: Marten Maack (Kiel University)
Title: New PTAS Results for Machine Scheduling
Date/Location: Wednesday 20 February, 11am, L016

Speaker: Pieter Kleer (CWI)
Title: The switch Markov chain for the uniform sampling of graphs with given degrees
Date/Location: Wednesday 06 February, 11am, L120

Speaker: Jan-Hendrik Lange (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik)
Title: Combinatorial persistency criteria for multicut
Date/Location: Wednesday 23 January, 2pm, L016

Speaker: Jeannette Janssen (Dalhousie university)
Title: Recognizing graphs formed by a spatial random process
Date/Location: Wednesday 9 January, 11am, L016


Speaker: Hans Bodlaender (UU)
Title: An ETH-Tight Algorithm for Euclidean TSP
Date/Location: Wednesday 5 December, 11am, L016

Speaker: David Harris (University of Maryland)
Title: Oblivious resampling oracles and parallel algorithms for the Lopsided Lovasz Local Lemma
Date/Location: Tuesday 4 December, 11am, L016

 Speaker: Bart Jansen (TU/e)
Title: Gems in kernelization
Date/Location: Wednesday 28 November, 11am, L120

 Speaker: David Wajc (CMU)
Title: The Greedy Algorithm is *Not* Optimal for On-line Edge Coloring
Date/Location: Friday 19 October, 2pm, L016

Speaker: Edouard Pauwels (IRIT, Universite Toulouse 3)
Title: Moment based data analysis
Date/Location: Wednesday 17 October, 11am, L016

Speaker: Fernando Oliveira (TU Delft)
Title: On the integrality gap of the maximum-cut SDP relaxation in fixed dimension
Date/Location: Wednesday 3 October, 11am, L016

Speaker: Yllka Velaj (CWI)
Title: Information spreading with network augmentation
Date/Location: Tuesday 11 September, 11am, L016

IG Seminar
Speaker: Cole Franks (Rutgers)
Title: Efficient algorithms for tensor scaling, quantum marginals and moment polytopes
Date/location: Tuesday 4 September, 2-3:30pm, L016

Speaker: David de Castro Silva (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
Title: Load-balanced bin packing problems: intractability and efficient algorithms
Date/Location: Tuesday 22 May, 11am, L016

Event: 6th SDP Day
Date/Location: Thursday, April 5th, room L017

Speaker: David Steurer (ETH Zurich) 
Title:  Improved clustering and robust moment estimation via sum-of-squares
Date/Location: Wednesday, March 28, 11am, room L016

IG Seminar
Speaker: Vera Traub (Bonn) 
Title: Approaching 3/2 for the s-t-path TSP
Date/Location: Wednesday, March 14, 2-4pm, room L016

Speaker: David Schmoys (Cornell) 
Title: Models and Algorithms for the Operation and Design of Bike-sharing Systems
Date/Location: Friday, March 9, 14:00, room L016

Speaker: Georgios Amanatidis (CWI)
Title: On Budget-Feasible Mechanism Design for Symmetric Submodular Objectives
Date/Location: Wednesday, February 14, 11:00, room L016

IG Seminar
Speaker: Sophie Huiberts (CWI)
Title: A Friendly Smoothed Analysis of the Simplex Method
Date/Location: Wednesday+Friday, February 7+9, 15:00, room L016


IG Seminar
Speaker: Sander Gribling (CWI)
Title: Quantum SDP-Solvers: Better upper and lower bounds
Date/Location: Wednesday + Friday, December 13+15, 13:00, room L016

Speaker: Georgios Birmpas (Athens University of Economics and Business and CWI)
Title: Truthful Allocation Mechanisms Without Payments: Characterization and Implications on Fairness
Date/Location: Wednesday, November 29, 14:00, room L016

Speaker: Mathias Staudigl (Maastricht)
Title: Stochastic Mirror Descent dynamics
Date/Location: Thursday November 23, 11:00, room L016

Speaker: Vangelis Markakis (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Title: On the Performance of Deferred-Acceptance Auctions
Date/Location: Thursday, November 16, 11:00, room L120

Speaker: Krzysztof Apt (CWI)
Title: Self-Stabilization Through the Lens of Game Theory
Date/Location: Wednesday, November 15, 11:00, room L016

Speaker: Samira Hossein Ghorban (IPM, Tehran, Iran and Maastricht University)
Title: Multi-games for Decision Making in Multi-environments
Date/Location: Wednesday 17 May, 11h00, room M290

Speaker: Thomas Dueholm Hansen (Aarhus University)
Title: Strategy iteration is strongly polynomial for 2-player turn-based stochastic games with a constant discount factor
Date/Location: Wednesday 29 March, 11am, L016

Speaker: Cristobal Guzman (CWI & Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Title: Great Tolls: How to induce optimal flows under strategic link owners
Date/Location: Wednesday 08 March, 11am, L016

Speaker: Stefan Weltge (ETH)
Title: Polytopes in the 0/1-Cube with Bounded Chvátal-Gomory Rank
Date/Location: Wednesday 22 February, 11h00, room L017

Speaker: Peter Kleer (CWI)
Title: Potential Function Minimizers of Combinatorial Congestion Games: Efficiency and Computation
Date/Location: Wednesday 15 February, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Jesper Nederlof (TU/e)
Title: Faster Space Efficient Algorithms for Subset Sum and Knapsack
Date/Location: Wednesday 8 February, 11h00, room L016 

Speaker: Ross Kang (Radboud)
Title: Colouring powers of graphs with one cycle length forbidden
Date/Location: Wednesday 1 February, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Rebecca Hoberg (University of Washington)
Title: Number Balancing is as hard as Minkowski's theorem
Date/Location: Wednesday 25 January, 11h00, room M290 


Speaker: Neil Olver (VU)
Title: A Simpler and Faster Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Generalized Flow Maximization
Date/Location: Wednesday 14 December, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Matteo Seminaroti (CWI)
Title: Combinatorial Algorithms for the Seriation Problem
Date/Location: Wednesday 7 December, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Matthias Mnich (Bonn)
Title: New Algorithms for Maximum Disjoint Paths Based on Tree-Likeness
Date/Location: Wednesday 30 November, 11h00, room L120

Speaker: Utz Haus (Cray)
Title: Challenges at the Interface of Optimization and High Performance Computing and Analytics
Date/Location: Monday 21 November, 16h00, room L016

Farewell Lunch Seminar: 
11:30am-12:15pm: Huck Bennett (NYU), On the Lattice Distortion Problem
12:30pm-1:15pm: Venkata Ganditoka (Purdue), NP-Hardness of Reed-Solomon Decoding and the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott Problem
Date/Location: Thursday 18 November, 11h30 - 1:15pm, room L120

Speaker: Shinichi Tanagawa (CWI)
Title: Singularity Degree of the Positive Semidefinite Matrix Completion Problem
Date/Location: Wednesday 11 November, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Antonio Campello (Imperial College)
Title: Random Ensembles of Algebraic Lattices
Date/Location: Thursday 20 October, 14h00, room L016

5th SDP Day, workshop on applications of semidefinite optimization
Date/Location: Thursday 30 June, from 10h30, room L120

Speaker: Frank Permenter (MIT)
Title: Dimension reduction for SDP's via Jordan algebras
Date/Location: Tuesday 28 June, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Joe Halpern (Cornell)
Title: Decision theory with resource-bounded agents
Date/location: Friday 17 June, 15h00, room L016

Speaker: Bodo Manthey (Twente)
Title: Smoothed Analysis of the 2-Opt Heuristic for the TSP
Date/location: Tuesday 14 June, 14h00, room L016

Speaker: Dion Gijswijt (Delft)
Title: Asymptotic upper bounds on progression-free sets in Z_p^n
Date/location: Thursday 09 June, 13h00, room L016

Speaker: Gustavo Angulo (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Title: On a class of Stochastic Programs with Exponentially many Scenarios 
Date/location: Wednesday 08 June, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Bernd Sturmfels (Berkeley)
Title: Tensors and Their Eigenvectors
Date/location: Wednesday 18 May, 14h00, room L016

Speaker: Aleksandar Nikolov (Toronto)
Title: Maximizing Determinants under Partition Constraints
Date/location: Wednesday 11 May, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Ola Svensson (EPFL)
Title: Approximating ATSP by Relaxing Connectivity
Date/location: Wednesday 20 April, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Jochen Koenemann (Waterloo)
Title: Network Bargaining - Where Bargaining & Matching Theory Meet
Date/location: Friday 18 March, 14h00, room L017

Speaker: Heiko Roglin (Bonn)
Title: Smoothed Analysis of the Successive Shortest Path Algorithm
Date/location: Wednesday 16 March, 11h00, room L017

Speaker: Cristobal Guzman (CWI)
Title: Statistical-Query Algorithms for Stochastic Convex Optimization
Date/location: Wednesday 02 March, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Frank Permenter (MIT)
Title: A new approach to symmetry reduction
Date/location: Wednesday 17 February, 14h00, room L016

Speaker: Valerio Capraro (CWI)
Title: Understanding Human Behavior: A review of classical literature and novel insights
Date/location: Wednesday 10 February, 11h00, room L120

Speaker: Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (NYU)
Title: Solving SVP and CVP in 2^n Time via Discrete Gaussian Sampling (joint RISC / N&O seminar)
Date/location: Wednesday 27 January, 15h00, room L016


Speaker: Malwina Duda (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)
Title: Exact Subgraph relaxations for MAX-CUT
Date/location: Tuesday 24 November, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Daniel Dadush (CWI)
Title: On the Geometry of Linear Programming
Date/location: Friday 13 November, 10h00, room L016

Speaker: Maria Dostert (Koln)
Title: New upper bounds for the density of translative packings of superballs
Date/location: Wednesday 04 November, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Thijs Laarhoven (TU/E)
Title: Sieving for shortest lattice vectors using nearest neighbor search techniques
Date/Location: Wednesday 07 October, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Viresh Patel (UvA)
Title: Hamilton cycles in Robust Expanders
Date/Location: Wednesday 30 September, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Roxana Hess (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse)
Title: Semidefinite approximations of the polynomial abscissa
Date/Location: Wednesday 23 September, 11h00, L016

Speaker: David Roberson (NTU & CQT)
Title: Unique Vector Colorings: Theory and Applications
Date/Location: Wednesday 09 September, 11h00, L016

Speaker: George Rabanca (CUNY)
Title: Improved Approximation Algorithms for Weighted 2-Path Partitions
Date/Location: Tuesday 01 September, 16h00, L016

Speaker: Divesh Aggarwal (EPFL)
Title: Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in 2^n Time via Discrete Gaussian Sampling
Date/Location: Wednesday 26 August, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Seeun Umboh (UW Madison)
Title: Online Network Design Algorithms via Hierarchical Decomposition
Date/Location: Friday 03 July, 15h00, L016

Speaker: Teresa Piovesan (CWI)
Title: Round elimination in exact communication complexity
Date/Location: Wednesday 24 June, 11h00, L016

Speaker: David de Laat (TU Delft)
Title: Moment methods in energy minimization
Date/Location: Wednesday 22 April, 11h00, room L16

Speaker: Dan Garber (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
Title: Projection-free Learning and Optimization
Date/location:Wednesday 25 March, 11h00, room L16

Speaker: Sangxia Huang (Stockholm KTH)
Title: Finding Good Assignments for Satisfiable Instances of Boolean CSPs
Date/location: Friday, February 13, 11h00, room L16

Speaker: Shinichi Tanigawa (RIMS Kyoto University)
Title: Characterizations of the rigidity of graphs
Date/location: Wednesday, February 4, 11h00, room L16

Speaker: Daniel Dadush (CWI Amsterdam)
Title: On the Shadow Simplex Method for Curved Polyhedra
Date/location: Wednesday, January 21, 11h00, room L16

Speaker: Vasilis Gkatzelis (Stanford University)
Title: Mechanism Design For Fair Division
Date/location: Monday, January 12, 11h00, room L016 


Speaker: Rene Sitters (VU Amsterdam)
Title: Polynomial time approximation schemes for the traveling repairman and other minimum latency problems
Date/location: Tuesday December 9, 16h00, room L120.

Speaker: Arne Reimers (CWI Amsterdam)
Title: TBA
Date/location: Tuesday November 25, 16h00, room L16.

Speaker: Emmanouil Pountourakis (Northwestern University)
Title: Mechanisms for Hiring a Matroid Base without Money
Date/location: Thursday, October 9, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Tillman Weisser (University Konstanz)
Title: Certificates for nonnegativity
Date/location: Wednesday 1 October, 11h00, room L016.

Speaker: Matteo Seminarotti
Title: QAP and recognition of Robinsonian matrices
Date/location: Tuesday 30 September, 11h00, room TBA.

Speaker: Andreas Feldmann  (University of Waterloo, Canada)

Title: A (1+ε)-Embedding of Low Highway Dimension Graphs into Bounded Treewidth Graphs
Date/location: Tuesday, September 16, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Antonios Varvitsiotis (Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS Singapore)
Title: Two Characterizations of Nonlocal Games with Perfect Maximally Entangled Strategies
Date/location: Friday, September 5, 11h00, room L016.

Speaker: Siddharth Barman (California Institute of Technology)
Title: Approximating Caratheodory’s Theorem and Nash Equilibria
Date/location: Thursday, September 4, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Angelina Vidali (Duke University, USA)
Title: Mechanism desing for crowdsourcing in networks
Date/location: Wednesday, July 9, 14h00, room L016.

Speaker: Christopher Pütz (FU Berlin, Germany)
Title: Price of Anarchy under Uncertainty
Date/location: Tuesday, July 8, 14h00, room L016.

Speaker: Anke van Zuylen (College of William & Mary, USA)
Title: On some recent MAX SAT approximation algorithms
Date/location: Wednesday, July 2, 16h00, room L016.

Event: Algorithmic Game Theory Mini-Symposium

Speakers: Krzysztof Apt (CWI & UvA), Edith Elkind (Universirty of Oxford, UK), Stefano Leonardi (Sapienza University Rome, Italy)
Date/location: Monday, June 16, 10:30-14:15, room L016.
A detailed program can be found here

After the mini-symposium, Bart de Keijzer will defend his PhD thesis at the VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Aula, 15:45-16:45

Speaker: Neil Walton (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Incentivized Optimal Advert Assignment via Utility Decomposition
Date/location: Tuesday, May 27, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Seth Pettie (University of Michigan, USA)
Title: 3SUM is Subquadratic
Date/location: Tuesday, April 22, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Marcus Klaas (UvA)
Title: Computing Optimal Tolls with Arc Restrictions and Heterogeneous Players
Date/location: Thursday, February 20, 11h00, room L016.

Speaker: Sabine Burgdorf (EPFL Lausanne)
Title: Tracial polynomial optimization and its relation to the embedding conjecture of Connes
Date/location: Tuesday, February 18, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Marcello Pelillo Ca’ (Foscari University, Venice, Italy)
Title: Grouping Games: Finding Clusters in Graphs, Digraphs and Hypergraphs
Date/location: Wednesday, February 5, 11h00, room L016.

Speaker: Marcin Dziubinski (Institute of Informatics, Warsaw University)
Title: Decentralized defence in networks
Date/location: Wednesday, January 29, 11h00, room L016.


Speaker: Mona Rahn (CWI)
Title: Bounding the inefficiency of altruism through social contribution games
Date/location: Tuesday, November 26, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Teun Janssen (TU Delft)
Title: Noise minimization on houses around airports
Date/location: Tuesday, November 5, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Irving van Heuven van Staereling (VU Amsterdam)
Title: Optimizing Bid Strategies in Sponsored Search Auctions
Date/location: Tuesday, October 1, 16h00, room L016.

Speaker: Martin van der Schans (Ortec-Finance)
Title: A Heuristic for Completing Covariance And Correlation Matrices
Date/location: Tuesday, September 10, 11h00, room TBA.

Speaker: Matteo Seminaroti (University La Sapienza, Roma)
Title: A Lot-Sizing based algorithm for demand side management and optimal electric vehicle charging
Date/location: Monday, July 15, 16h00, room L016

Speaker: Huyen Phong (University of Limoges)
Title: Some inexact proximal regularization algorithm for unconstrained optimization
Date/location: Monday, July 15, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Carles Padro (NTU Singapore, on leave from UPC, Barcelona)
Title: Secret Sharing, Rank Inequalities and Information Inequalities
Date/location: Wednesday 19 June, 16h00, room L016

Speaker: Katherine Edwards (Princeton University, USA)
Title: Bounding the fractional chromatic number of K_Delta-free graphs
Date/location: Tuesday, June 11, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Vijay Vazirani (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Title: New (Practical) Complementary Pivot Algorithms for Market Equilibria
Date/location: Wednesday, May 29, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Vijay Vazirani (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Title: Matching - A New Proof for an Ancient Algorithm
Date/location: Tuesday, May 28, 15h00, L017

Speaker: Francesco Mambelli (University of Bologna)
Title: Heuristic Algorithms for Max-Cut problems
Date/location: Tuesday, April 23, 15h00, L016

Speaker: Philip Brinkmann (Freie Universität Berlin)
Title: Minkowski Sums of Triangles - The Burton Conjecture
Date/location: Tuesday, April 9, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Maria Polukarova (University of Southampton)
Title: Considerate Equilibrium
Date/location: Monday, March 25, 16h00, L120

Workshop: 4th SDP days 
Date/Location: March 21, 22, room L120

Speaker: Peter Dickinson (University Groningen)
Title: Applications and Approximations for Set-semidefinite Optimisation
Date/Location: Tuesday 5 March, 11h00, room L120

Speaker: Nikhil Devanur (Microsoft Research, Redmond)
Title: Tatonnement Beyond Gross Substitutes? Gradient Descent to the Rescue
Date/location: Tuesday 26 February, 15h00, L016

Speaker: Nicole Immorlica (Northwestern University)
Title: The Degree of Segregation in Social Networks
Date/location: Tuesday 26 February, 13h30, L016

Speaker: Louis Esperet (Grenoble)
Title: Relaxed coloring of graphs of bounded genus
Date/Location: Tuesday 5 February, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Ross Kang (CWI)
Title: The distance-t chromatic index
Date/location: Tuesday 22 January, 11h00, room L016


Speaker: Onno Zoeter (Xerox Research Centre Europe, France)
Title: Optimal Learning While Selling and A Large Scale Demand Based Pricing Experiment
Date/location: Wednesday 13 December, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Peter Csikvari (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics & Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
Title: Benjamini-Schramm Continuity Of Root Moments Of Graph Polynomials
Date/location: Tuesday 30 October, 13h30, L016

Speaker: Kostas Kollias (MPI Saarbruecken, Germany)
Title: Restoring Pure Equilibria to Weighted Congestion Games
Date/location: Friday 26 October, 11h30, L016

Speaker: Marieke Musegaas (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
Title: Sequencing Situations and Personnel Scheduling Problems 
Date/location: Wednesday 17 October, 14h00, L016

Speaker: Mona Rahn (University of Bonn, Germany)
Title: Truthful randomized mechanisms for combinatorial auctions
Date/location: Monday 15 October, 14h00, L016

Speaker: Andrea Simonetto (TU Delft)
Title: Distributed Optimization for Robotic Networks
Date/Location: Tuesday 9 October, 11h00, L016

Speaker: Xavier Perez-Gimenez (MPI Saarbrucken)
Title: Asymptotic enumeration of sparse strongly connected digraphs by vertices and edges
Date/Location: Friday 7 September, 16h00, L120

Speaker: Erik Jan van Leeuwen (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
Title: An Algorithmic Decomposition Theorem for Claw-Free Graphs and its Applications 
Date/location: Tuesday 28 August, 16h00, L016

Speaker: Carla Michini (University La Sapienza, Rome)
Title: The Hirsch Conjecture for the Fractional Stable Set Polytope
Date/location: Tuesday 12 June, 16h00, L016

Speaker: Teresa Piovesan (University of Maastricht)
Title: Rooted phylogenetic networks: computing hybridization number via softwired clusters
Date/location: Wednesday 6 June, 14h00, room L016

Speaker: Piotr Krysta (University of Liverpool)
Title: Online Mechanism Design (Randomized Rounding on the Fly)
Date/location: Tuesday, 17 April, 16h00, room L120

Speaker: Neil Walton (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Utility optimization in queueing networks
Date/location: Monday 26 March, 16h00, room L120

Speaker: Samuel Fiorini (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
Title: Linear vs. Semidefinite Extended Formulations: Exponential  Separation and Strong Lower Bounds                                    
Date/location: Wednesday 7 March, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Gauthier van den Hove (CWI)                                 
Title: Recursive Programming: A Clarification
Date/location: Tuesday 6 March, 16h00, room L016

Speaker: Vangelis Markakis (Athens University of Economics and Business)    
Title: On Worst-Case Allocations in the Presence of Indivisible Goods              
Date/location: Tuesday 7 February, 16h00, room L017

Speaker: Jan Voss (University of Cologne, Germany)
Title: A systemtheoretic model for cooperative games (and more) 
Date/location: Thursday 26 January, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Amir Jabbari (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
Title: Application of Data Processing for Autonomous Control in Communication and Nano-Communication Networks 
Date/location: Tuesday 24 January, 11h00, room L016


Event: Dutch Network on Computational Game Theory Day
Date/location: Friday 2 December, 11:00-17:00, room L017

Speaker: Stefan Canzar (CWI)
Title: On Tree-Constrained Matchings
Date/location: Tuesday 29 November, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Venkatesan Guruswami (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
Title: Lasserre hierarchy, higher eigenvalues, and graph partitioning
Date/location: Friday 25 November, 11h00, room L017

Speaker: Riccardo Colini Baldeschi (Sapienza University of Rome)
Title: Auctions with Budgets
Date/location: Tuesday 22 November, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Anke van Zuylen (MPI for Informatics, Germany)
Title: The Subtour LP for the Traveling Salesman Problem I: A Proof of the Boyd-Carr Conjecture
Date/location: Tuesday 4 October, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Felix Rodrigues (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Title: On the Smoothed Price of Anarchy of the Traffic Assignment Problem
Date/location: Wednesday 28 September, 11h00, room L017

Speaker: Ross Kang (Durham University)
Title: Glauber dynamics mixes rapidly on graphs of bounded tree-width
Date/location: Tuesday 6 September, 13h30, room L016

Speaker: Willem-Jan van Hoeve (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
Title: Decision Diagrams for Discrete Optimization
Date/location: Tuesday 6 September, 11h00, room L016

Speaker: Morteza Zadimoghaddam (MIT)
Title: Submodular Secretary Problem and Extensions
Date/location: Thursday 11 August, 13h30, room L016

Speaker: Caroline Jagtenberg (Utrecht University)
Title: Lower bounds for Smith’s rule in stochastic machine scheduling
Date/location: Thursday 14 July, 13h30, room L016

Event: Applications of Semidefinite Programming 
Date/location: Friday July 1st, room L120, CWI-Amsterdam
Additional lectures: Thursday June 30, room L120

Speaker: Leslie Lamport (Microsoft Corporation, CA, USA)
Title: The PlusCal Algorithm Language
Date/location:  Thursday June 16, 16h00, Turing room, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Marianne Nagy (Tilburg University)
Title: On semidefinite programming bounds for graph bandwidth
Date/location:  Wednesday June 8, 13h30, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Rene Sitters (VU Amsterdam)
Title: TSP on Cubic and Subcubic Graphs
Date/location:  Wednesday June 8, 11h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Peter Rossmanith (RTWH Aachen, Germany)
Title:  A Practical Approach to Solve Hard Optimization Problems of Graphs with Small Treewidth
Date/location:  Thursday 28 April, 15h30, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Troels Bjerre Sørensen (University of Warwick, UK)
Title:  Risk when playing for chips
Date/location:  Thursday 28 April, 14h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker:  Suzanne van der Ster (VU University Amsterdam)
Title: Mixed-criticality scheduling
Date/location: Thursday 21 April, 16h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Guido Schäfer (CWI and VU University Amsterdam)
Title: On the Inefficiency of Altruistic Games
Date/location: Monday 18 April, 14h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Amy Greenwald (Brown University and CWI) 
Title: Autonomous Bidding Agent Strategies for Ad Auctions
Date/location: Monday 11 April, 12h30, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Sunil Simon (CWI) 
Title: Algorithmic issues in imperfect information games of infinite
Date/location: Monday 4 April, 14h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Vincent Conitzer (Duke University and CWI) 
Title: Computational Methods for Acting Strategically
Date/location: Monday 14 March, 14h00, room L120, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Bart de Keijzer (CWI) 
Title: The Strong Price of Anarchy in Bottleneck Congestion Games
Date/location: Monday 28 February, 14h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Victor Naroditskiy (University of Southampton, UK) and Mingyu Guo (Liverpool University, UK) 
Title: Better Redistribution with Inefficient Allocation in Multi-Unit Auctions (M. Guo) and Optimal Payments in Strategy-Proof Mechanisms (V. Naroditskiy)
Date/location: Tuesday 15 February, 10:30-12:00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Miguel Navascues (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) 
Title: Noncommutative polynomial optimization 
Date/location: Monday 14 February, 16h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Eva Tardos (Cornell University)
Title:  Price of Anarchy for Adword Auctions
Date/location: Friday 11 February, 14:00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam 

Speaker: Mohit Singh (McGill University, Canada) 
Title: Online Submodular function maximization subject to matroid constraints 
Date/location: Friday 21 January, 14:00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Nikhil Bansal (IBM TJ Watson) 
Title: Algorithms for Discrepancy Minimization 
Date/location: Friday 21 January, 11:00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam


Speaker: Orestis Telelis (Liverpool) 
Title: Discrete Strategies in Keyword Auctions and their Social Inefficiency 
Date/location: Friday 10 December, 11:00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam 

Event: Workshop day 
Title: Probabilistic and algebraic methods in combinatorics, optimization and Computer Science 
Lectures by D. Achlioptas (Athens and Santa Cruz), R. Hauser (Oxford), R. Fernandez (Utrecht), W. Haemers (Tilburg), J. Vera (Tilburg), L.Stougie (VU Amsterdam). 
Date: Monday December 6, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Reto Spoehel (MPI Saarbrucken) 
Title: Coloring random graphs online without creating monochromatic subgraphs 
Date/location: Thursday 18 November, 11:00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: CWI Symposium Day 
Topic: Large-Scale and Uncertain Optimization 
Date/location: Friday, November 12, 11:00 - 17:00, Turing room (Z011), CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Gwenaël Joret, Universite Libre de Bruxelles 
Title: Small Minors in Dense Graphs 
Date/location: Tuesday October 5, 14:00, room L017

Speaker: Aharon Ben Tal, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa 
Title: On the resolution of some large scale applied optimization problems 
Date/location: Tuesday, September 21, 15:00, room L016, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Milos Stojakovic, University of Novi Sad 
Title: Consistent digital line segments 
Date/location: Monday, September 20, 13:00 - 14h00, room TBA, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Jarek Byrka, University of Wroclaw 
Title: An Improved LP-based Approximation for Steiner Tree 
Date/location: Thursday, September 16, 11:00, room L017, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Milos Stojakovic, University of Novi Sad 
Title: Mini-course on positional games 
Date/location: Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 September, 14:00-16:00, room L017, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Simi Haber, Tel Aviv University 
Title: The number of F-matchings in a random tree is almost always a zero residue 
Date/location: Wednesday, September 8, 11h00, room L016, CWI Amsterdam

Event: Algorithmic game theory workshop 
Date/location: September 2 - 3, 2010, room L120, CWI-Amsterdam
Details: here.

Speaker: Vincenzo Bonifaci (MPI Informatics, Saarbrücken, Germany) 
Title: Scheduling recurrent real-time task systems 
Date/location: Thursday, July 1, 15:00-16:00, room L017, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Tobias Harks (TU Berlin, Germany) 
Title: Strong equilibria in bottleneck congestion games 
Date/location: Thursday, July 1, 14:00-15:00, room L017, CWI Amsterdam

Speaker: Po-An Chen (University of Southern California, CWI intern) 
Lecture 1: Altruism, Selfishness, and Spite in Traffic Routing 
Lecture 2: Better Vaccination Strategies for Better People 
Date/location: Wednesday, June 30, 11:00 - 12:00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Martin Mevissen (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 
Title: Sparse SDP Relaxations for Large Scale Polynomial Optimization and Applications to Differential Equations 
Date/Location: Friday 18 June, 11h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Frank Thuijsman (Maastricht University) 
Title: One-Way Flow Nash Networks 
Date/Location: Thursday 17 June, 15h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: EIDMA mini-course 
Title: Algebraic Optimization and Semidefinite Programming 
Speaker: Pablo Parrilo (MIT)
Date/location: May 31 - June 4, 2010, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam
Details: here.

Speaker: Heinz Schmitz (Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany) 
Title: Approximability and Hardness in Multi-Objective Optimization 
Date/Location: Monday 31 May, 16h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Tobias Mueller (CWI) 
Title: Line arrangements and geometric representations of graphs 
Date/Location: Friday 21 May, 11h00, room L236, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Konstantinos Georgiou (Toronto University) 
Title: Fooling Strong LP and SDP Relaxations for Vertex Cover 
Date/Location: Monday 26 April, 14h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Rob van Stee (MPI for Informatics, Germany) 
Title: Maximizing the minimum load: the cost of selfishness 
Date/Location: Thursday 1 April, 15h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Jason Hartline (Northwestern University) 
Title: Multi-dimensional Mechanism Design and Sequential Posted Pricing 
Date/Location: Friday 26 March, 16h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Sonny Ben-Shimon (Tel Aviv University) 
Title: Hamiltonicity Maker-Breaker Games in Random Regular Graphs 
Date/Location: Friday 26 March, 15h00, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Dov Samet (Tel Aviv University) 
Title: Why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a couple 
Date/Location: Thursday 11 March, 11h00, room L017, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: PhD defense of Jonathan Zvesper 
Title: Playing with Information 
Date/Location: Tuesday 9 March, 14h00 Agnietenkapel (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231), University of Amsterdam.

Event: CWI seminar day 
Title: Smoothed Analysis Day 
Lectures by B. Vöcking, H. Röglin, B. Manthey, T. Vredeveld, and G. Schäfer 
Date/Location: Friday February 26, 10h00 to 17h30, room L120, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Ross Kang (Durham) 
Title: Every plane graph of maximum degree 8 has an edge-face 9-colouring 
Date/Location: Wednesday 17 February, 10h30, room L016, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Simi Haber, Tel Aviv University 
Title: Zero-one laws for random regular graphs 
Date/Location: Thursday January 7, 11h00, L015, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Sylvia Boyd, University of Ottawa 
Title: On the integrality gap of the multi-survivable network design problem 
Date/Location: Wednesday January 6, 10h30, L120, CWI-Amsterdam


Speaker: Dries Vermeulen (University Maastricht) 
Title: Non-cooperative solutions for claims problems 
Date/Location: Thursday December 17, 16h00, L015, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Nicole Immorlica (Northwestern University) 
Title: The cooperative game theory foundations of network bargaining games 
Date/Location: Wednesday December 9, 10h30, L121, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: CWI seminar day 
Title: Applications of semidefinite programming 
Lectures by C. Bachoc, J. Briet, D. Gijswijt, A. Schurmann, and R. Sotirov. 
Date/Location: Thursday December 3, 10h30 to 17h00, Euler zaal, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: PhD defense of Fernando de Oliveira Filho 
Title: New Bounds for Geometric Packing and Coloring via Harmonic Analysis and Optimization 
Date/Location: Tuesday December 1, 10h00, Agnietenkapel (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231), University of Amsterdam.

Speaker: Matthias Mnich (TUE) 
Title: Probabilistic Tools for Combinatorial Bounds in Graph Subset, Constraint Satisfaction and Permutation Problems 
Date/Location: Wednesday November 4, 10h30, CO.01 (Porta-cabins), CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Orestis Telelis (CWI) 
Title: Facility Location Games with Fair Cost Allocation 
Date/Location: Wednesday October 28, 10h30, room L302 (new part of CWI building!), CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Hans Mittelman (Arizona State University) 
Title: Improved bounds for general quadratic assignment problems via semidefinite relaxations 
Date/Location: Monday October 5, 10h30, room H22O (Nikhef building), CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Roland Grappe (INPG, Grenoble) 
Title: Partition constrained covering of a symmetric crossing supermodular function 
Date/Location: Friday 18 September, 13h00, room H220 (Nikhef building), CWI-Amsterdam

Event: PhD defense of Andreas Witzel 
Title: Knowledge and Games: Theory and Implementation 
Date/Location: Thursday 3 September, 12h00, Agnietenkapel (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231), University of Amsterdam.

Speaker: Janina Brenner (TU Berlin) 
Title: Online Cooperative Cost Sharing 
Date/Location: Thursday 6 August, 13h30, CO.01, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: PhD defense of Erik Jan van Leeuwen 
Title: Optimization and approximation on systems of geometric objects 
Date/Location: Tuesday 16 June, 10h00, Agnietenkapel (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231), University of Amsterdam.

Speaker: Mahyar Salek (University Southern California & CWI intern) 
Title: Auctions for hiring a team, What can or cannot be done 
Date/Location: Thursday June 11, 13h30, M280, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Frank Sottile (Texas AM University) 
Title: Semidefinite representations for orbitopes 
Date/Location: Friday June 5, 13h30, M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Herve Moulin (Rice University, Texas) 
Title: Pricing Traffic in a Spanning Network 
Date/Location: Thursday May 14, 14h30, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Marijn Heule (TU Delft) 
Title: Improving the odds: New lower bounds for Van der Waerden numbers 
Date/Location: Thursday May 14, 11h00, room M280, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Bart de Keijzer (TU Delft) 
Title: Research overview: complexity of fair division problems; design of voting games 
Date/Location: Monday May 11, 13h30, room N328 (Nikhef building), CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Dominik Wojtczak (CWI) 
Title: The Complexity cf Nash equilibria in simple stochastic multiplayer games 
Date/Location: Thursday April 16, 10h30, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Gunnar Klau (CWI) 
Title: Three combinatorial optimization problems in the life sciences 
Date/Location: Thursday March 26, 10h30, room M280, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Leonid Gurvits (Los Alamos National Laboratory) 
Title: Van der Waerden/Schrijver-Valiant like Conjectures and Stable (aka Hyperbolic) Homogeneous Polynomials: One Theorem for all 
Date/Location: Monday March 23, 14h00, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Antonios Varvitsiotis (Univ. Athens) 
Title: Counting the number of embeddings of minimally rigid graphs 
Date/Location: Thursday March 19, 10h30, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Event: DIAMANT seminar day 
Title: Applications of semidefinite programming 
Lectures by C. Bachoc, H. Cohn, C. Helmberg, E. de Klerk, and R. Thomas. 
Date/Location: Friday March 13, Euler zaal, CWI-Amsterdam 

Additional lectures by J. Briet and E. Tsigaridas on Wednesday March 11 
and by J. Gouveia and B. Meyer on Thursday March 12, all in room M280.

Speaker: Guido Schaefer (CWI) 
Title: A PTAS for budgeted matching 
Date/Location: Thursday February 19, 10h30, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Jarek Byrka (TUE) 
Title: Dependant rounding and fault tolerant facility location 
Date/Location: Friday January 30, 13h00, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Guido Schaefer (CWI) 
Title: Computing optimal network tolls: Work in progress and open problems 
Date/Location: Friday January 23, 14h00, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

Speaker: Satoru Iwata (Kyoto Univ.) 
Title: The Submodular Vertex Cover Problem 
Date/Location: Friday January 9, 13h00, room M279, CWI-Amsterdam

 A list of seminars given in 2008 and earlier can be found here.