Seminars 2021-2025

N&O seminars and the speakers from 2021 to 2025.


Speaker: Bento Natura (UC Berkeley & Georgia Tech)
Title: TBA
Date + Location: Thursday, December 20 at 11.00, room L016

Speaker: Ragnar Groot Koerkamp (ETH Zurich)
Title: Exact global alignment using A*
Date + Location: Thursday, December 13 at 11.00, room L016

Speaker: Antonios Varvitsiotis (Singapore University of Technology)
Title: Identifying and controlling agent behavior in games using limited data
Date + Location: Thursday, December 7 at 11.00, room L016

Speaker: Constantin Ickstadt (University of Frankfurt)
Title: Semidefinite Games
Date + Location: Wednesday, December 6 at 11.00, room L1016

Speaker: Sophie Huiberts (CNRS)
Title: Complexity of the simplex method
Date + Location: Wednesday, November 15 at 11.00, room L120

Speaker: Artem Tsikiridis (CWI)
Title: Partial Allocations in Budget-Feasible Mechanism Design: Bridging Multiple Levels of Service and Divisible Agents
Date + Location: Wednesday, October 18 at 11.00, room L016

Speaker: Viktoriia Borovik (Universität Osnabrück)
Title: Solving systems of polynomial equations using Khovanskii bases
Date + Location: Wednesday, October 4 at 11.00, room L016

Speaker: Philipp di Dio (Universität Konstanz)
Title: Gaussian Mixtures from Derivatives of Moment Functionals to the Heat Equation
Date + Location: Friday, July 7 at 15:00, room L017

Speaker: Philipp di Dio (Universität Konstanz)
Title: Gaussian Mixtures from Derivatives of Moment Functionals to the Heat Equation
Date + Location: Friday, July 7 at 15:00, room L017

Speaker: Haotian Jiang ( University of Washington + MSR Redmond )
Title: Resolving Matrix Spencer Conjecture Up to Poly-logarithmic Rank
Date + Location: Wednesday May 31st, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Victor Reis (University of Washington)
Title: The Subspace Flatness Conjecture and Faster Integer Programming
Date + Location: Wednesday May 24, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Wouter Koolen-Wijkstra (CWI)
Title: On Optimisation Problems arising in Pure Exploration
Date + Location: Wednesday March 1st, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Pengfei Wang (CNRS - LIRMM Montpellier)
Title: Combinatorics of period sets
Date + Location: Wednesday February 15, 11:00, L016 and online

Speaker: Jasper van Bemmelen (TU Delft/CWI)
Title: "AmpliVar: an optimized amplicon sequencing approach to estimating SARS-CoV-2 abundances in wastewater"
Date + Location: Wednesday January 25, 11:00, L017 and online


Speaker: Sander Borst (CWI)
Title: Integrality Gaps for Random Integer Programs via Discrepancy
Date + Location: Wednesday December 7, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Kemal Rose (MPI MIS Leipzig)
Title: Algebraic optimization of decision rules
Date/Location: Wednesday October 26th, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Simon Telen (CWI)
Title: Toric geometry of entropic regularization
Date/Location: Wednesday October 12th, 11:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Kevin Shu (Georgia Tech)
Title: Sparse Quadratic Programs via Polynomial Roots
Date/Location: Wednesday September 28th, 16:00, L017 and online

Speaker: Ferenc Bencs (University of Amsterdam)
Title: A uniqueness result about Gibbs measures
Date/Location: Friday August 26th, 11am, L120 and online

Speaker: Sophie Klumper (CWI)
Title: Budget Feasible Mechanisms for Procurement Auctions with Divisible Agents
Date/Location: Wednesday July 6th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin)
Title: Self-Adjusting Networks
Date/Location: Wednesday June 15th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Carla Groenland (Utrecht University)
Title: Universal Graphs and Labelling Schemes
Date/Location: Wednesday May 4th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Pieter Kleer (Tilburg University)
Title: Optimal Stopping Theory for a Distributionally Robust Seller
Date/Location: Wednesday April 13th, 11am, L016 and online

Speaker: Tristan van Leeuwen (CWI)
Title: Optimisation challenges in computational imaging
Date/Location: Wednesday March 30th, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Marten van Dijk (CWI)
Title: Asynchronous SGD over Distributed Local Data Sets with Differential Privacy
Date/Location: Wednesday March 16nd, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Samarth Tiwari (CWI)
Title: Hide & Seek: Privacy-Preserving Rebalancing on Payment Channel Networks
Date/Location: Wednesday March 2nd, 11am, L017 and online

Speaker: Alex L. Wang (Carnegie Mellon University)
Title: First-order methods for nonconvex quadratically constrained quadratic programs
Date: Wednesday February 16nd, 4pm, online and L017

Speaker: Sven Polak (CWI)
Title: Mutually Unbiased Bases: Polynomial Optimization and Symmetry
Date/Location: Wednesday February 2nd, 11am, L017 and online


Speaker: Ruben Brokkelkamp (CWI)
Title: Capturing Corruption with Hybrid Auctions
Date: Thursday July 1st, 11am

Speaker: Marek Elias (CWI)
Title: Differentially Private Release of Synthetic Graphs
Date: Thursday June 17th, 1:30pm

Speaker: Sander Borst (CWI)
Title: On the Integrality Gap of Binary Integer Programs with Gaussian Data
Date: Tuesday May 11th, 1pm

Speaker: Willem Feijen (CWI)
Title: Using Machine Learning Predictions to Speed-up Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm
Date: Thursday April 1st, 11am

Speaker: Simon Telen (MPI Leipzig)
Title: Eigenvalue methods for solving polynomial systems
Date: Wednesday March 17th, 2pm