Key publications

Key publications for Database Architectures
IDSF - key publications

C. Thieme, A. P. J. M. Siebes,  An Approach to Schema Integration Based on Transformations and Behaviour. In Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAISE), Volume 811 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science/Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNCS/LNAI), © Springer-Verlag, pp 297-310, June 1994.

Mercury - key publications

K. van't Hoff, Mercury Experimental Site: Interface to Existing components, Mercury WP2C/T2/d3, 1998.   K. van't Hoff, Specification of STP Steady Module, Mercury WP2C/T2/d1, 1998.   K. van't Hoff, M. L. Kersten, Specification for the SMART-STP interface, Mercury WP2C/T3/d1, 1997.   K. van't Hoff, M. L. Kersten, Tool Evaluation: Experimentation modules, Mercury WP2C/T3, 1997.   K. van't Hoff, Design of Experimentation platform interfaces, Mercury WP2C/T1/d1, 1997.