Leader of the group Cryptology: Ronald Cramer.

Our research group is concerned with digital security, an area of increasingly pressing concern for industry, government and society at large. We investigate how cryptologic methods can contribute to solving security issues, for example through encryption, digital signatures and secure computation. Furthermore, we seek to establish the reliability of current cryptologic methods, how they can be improved, and what better alternatives there might be.
Quantum safety, meaning security in a possible future age of quantum computing, is a particular focus of our research.


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Current projects with external funding

  • Samenwerkingsovereenkomst met TNO vwb promotieonderzoek Thomas Attema ()
  • Secure scalable policy-enforced distributed data processing ()
  • Alliance for Privacy Preserving Detection of Financial Crime (APP-DFC) - in kind bijdrage CWI (APP-DFC)
  • A Reduction Theory for Codes and Lattices in Cryptography (ARTICULATE)
  • Hybrid Approach for quantum-safe Public Key Infrastructure Development for Organisations (HAPKIDO)
  • Ontwikkelen en uitwerken van een Manual en Dashboard naar Post Quantum Crypto (PQC) standaarden (None)

Related partners

  • ABN AMRO Bank
  • ING Bank
  • KLM
  • TNO
  • TNO
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam