Kees Oosterlee

Full Name C.W. Oosterlee
Professor - TU Delft, MT member
+31 20 592 4108
Scientific Computing


Current projects with external funding

  • Valuation Adjustments for Improved Risk Management (ABC-EU-XVA)
  • Physics based ICT: The digital twin in pipelines (DP-Trans)

Professional activities

  • Professor: Technische Universiteit Delft - [TUD]
  • Board Member: Economic Development Board for Metropole Region Amsterdam
  • Committee member: Member Innovation committee: Platform Wiskunde Nederland
  • Chair: Chairman: National Committee "Scientific Computing" (Werkgemeenschap Scientific Computing) in the Netherlands
  • Committee member: Member Research Committee: PWN (Platform Wiskunde NL).
  • Editor: Member editorial board Journal: Open Applied Mathematics Journal
  • Editor: Member editorial board Journal: Computing and Visualization in Science - [CVS]
  • Editor: Member editorial board Journal: Journal of Computational Finance 2008-01
  • Editor: Editor-in-Chief Computational Finance, Incisive Media
  • Editor: Ass. Editor Computing and Visualization in Science (CVS), Springer;


  • EU Marie Curie EU Marie Curie incoming fellowship, for prof. F.J. Gaspar, numerics for CO2 storage, financed by H2020, 150K Euro (2016)
  • EU H2020EID WAKEUPCALL financed by EU H2020, coordinator with 6 PhDs (2 of them in the Netherlands, K.W. Chau and A. Fontanari), 1.5M Euro (2016)
  • PPS PhD project, A. van der Stoep (financed by Rabobank International), 190K Euro (2012)
  • PPS 2 PhD projects, Q. Feng and K. de Graaf at CWI and UvA (financed by STW and ING, 500K Euro) (2012)