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CWI management team visits universities

On 31 August, CWI’s management team visited the EEMCS Faculty of the University of Twente, as part of a CWI visit series to science faculties. Partly based on these visits, CWI’s MT will sharpen CWI's strategic course.

Three GECCO Awards for AI in healthcare

CWI researchers and partners won three awards for AI in healthcare at the ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation COnference (GECCO) 2021: the Best Paper Award in the Genetic Algorithms track, the SIGEVO Dissertation Award 2021 and a Silver HUMIES Award.

Dis group develops co-creation space for digital humanities

As part of the TRACTION project, CWI's DIS group is developing The Co-creation Space, a “private social media tool" uniting media storage, sharing, and media editing capabilities of traditional social media. It allows participants to have conversations easily and interact about production content, such as music or costumes, in the co-creation process.

Millions of tonnes less CO2 emissions by recycling plastic insulation materials

CWI is part of a large European consortium that has received 15.7 million euro for demonstrating that the waste stream of high-performance plastics, which are heavily used as insulation material in the construction industry, can be recycled. This so-called CIRCULAR FOAM project is part of the European Green Deal aimed to make the EU-countries climate neutral in 2050.

Nature: AI for understanding extreme physics

Researchers of the University of Oxford, CWI and other organizations published a paper in Nature reviewing the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for understanding 'extreme physics' – the physics of matter at extremely high temperatures and densities.

The .nl domain turns thirty-five!

On Sunday 25 April it will be exactly thirty-five years since CWI registered the .nl domain, and on 1 May 1986 the very first .nl domain name – Since then, more than six million others have been added. Back in '86, .nl was the first active country-code domain outside the US, and today it remains the world's fifth-largest national domain.

Web changes

Our website is renewed. Apart from some changes on the homepage you can now find more information on our pilot theme 'Cryptography and Security'.

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