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Mathematics for Dry Feet

On September 1st Joris Bierkens joined the Center of Mathematics & Computer Science (CWI) as an assistant in the Deltares funded project 'Mathematics for Dike Height Control'.

D. Wojtczak receives Best paper award at ICALP 2009

Following the decision of the programme committee of ICALP 2009 Track B, Dominik Wojtczak (a former PhD student at University of Edinburgh, currently a postdoc at CWI) together with Michael Ummels (PhD student at RWTH Aachen) has won the Best Student ICALP Paper award of Track B for their paper titled: "The Complexity of Nash Equilibria in Simple Stochastic Multiplayer Games".

Rascal for Easy Meta-Programming

Rascal is a new meta-programming language that was launched by CWI at the Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering, 6-11 July, in Braga, Portugal.

Software agents arrange freight more efficiently

Traffic jams regularly bring Dutch highways to a halt. Freight is often a major cause of such bottlenecks. Interestingly enough almost one third of all trucks drive around empty. PhD student Valentin Robu of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national research center for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands, examined the efficiency in logistics and saw room for improvement through the use of intelligent software agents.

Mathematics makes wireless networks more efficient

How many cellphone masts should be placed in order to reach everyone? If there are ten additional stations eligible for grants, where can these be placed best? PhD student Erik Jan van Leeuwen of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica(CWI) in Amsterdam described the problems with geometric models.

Automatic extension database systems with new Armada Model

Databases are getting bigger and bigger: an increase of data in the order of gigabytes or even terabytes is not unusual anymore. What to do if a database no longer fits on one computer? Could you make a database flexible and scaling independently with any expected growth? Fabian Groffen, PhD of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam, developed the Armada-model.

Turing Award winner Richard Karp speaking at CWI

On June 4 Turing Award winner Richard Karp (USA) spoke at the CWI on his recent research and his vision n the computational biology. He lectured during the annual CWI Lectures in Mathematics and Computer Science, with this year’s theme "Starting Life Sciences at CWI”. With this day the start of a new Life Sciences research at the CWI in January 2009 was celebrated.

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