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Grant for CWI to improve Next Generation Internet

NLnet Foundation awarded CWI with a grant to develop a replacement for a decades-old application programming technique for communication on the internet. This might result in an alternative to deep packet inspection for network operators that better protects privacy for users.

Humies Silver award for Peter Bosman and colleagues

CWI researchers Peter Bosman and Hoang Luong, along with colleagues from Amsterdam UMC, have been awarded the Humies Silver award at the GECCO 2019 conference, for their efforts in the automated generation of treatment plans for prostate cancer using brachytherapy.

Three Veni grants for CWI researchers

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant to Georgios Amanatidis, Marleen Balvert and Christian Majenz. The grant provides them with the opportunity to further elaborate their research ideas during a period of three years.

Two CWI scientists receive JCF Young Researcher Award

CWI scientists Dr. Anastasia Borovykh and Dr. Beatriz Salvador have received the JCF Young Researcher Award, granted by the Journal of Computational Finance. Both researchers were awarded for their outstanding work, which they presented during the International Conference on Computational Finance.

CWI part of NWA CORTEX consortium

The National Science Agenda has awarded a 5 million euro grant to CORTEX – the Center for Optimal, Real-Time Machine Studies of the Explosive Universe. Self-learning machines will hunt for explosions in the universe and speed up innovations in industry and society.

In Memoriam Piet Hemker

With sadness we announce that CWI Fellow and former CWI researcher Piet Hemker passed away on 27 May. Hemker had been working at CWI from 1970–2006 and since 1989 also as a professor at the UvA. He has been a CWI Fellow since 2001 and was named Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 2006.

CWI grieved by death of former director Cor Baayen

CWI's former director Cor Baayen passed away last Wednesday. Baayen served as the institute’s director from 1980 to 1994. During this period he played a key role in shaping computer science as a distinct scientific field. Under his leadership CWI transformed from a mathematical institute to a center of expertise for both mathematics and computer science.

CWI in Business 2019 – a compass for digital innovation

On Thursday 16 May CWI organized its matchmaking and networking event CWI in Business (CWI in Bedrijf 2019). Speakers from the business community and CWI researchers showed future opportunities in digital innovation. Keynote speakers were Jeroen Maas (Amsterdam Economic Board) and John Baekelmans (imec/Holst Centre).

DIS at CHI 2019

The Distributed and Interactive Systems group from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) will be present at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2019, presenting three full papers.

CWI develops price models for financial derivatives

The risks of trading complicated financial contracts can be unclear to a certain extent. In order to get a better insight in the determination of prices of such financial derivatives, CWI researcher Anton van der Stoep developed and improved financial mathematical research methods.

Cryptographic security at the speed of light

When people who distrust each other want to securely cooperate, they can use cryptographic 'commitment schemes'. Max Fillinger (CWI) designed and analyzed relativistic commitment schemes. He defends his PhD thesis 'Bit-Commitments: Classical, Quantum and Non-Signaling' on 19 March.

Steven Pemberton in Nieuwsuur TV on Web@30

To celebrate 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee's proposal for the World Wide Web, an anniversary event is webcast on 12 March. In the Netherlands, CWI Web pioneer Steven Pemberton was interviewed by Nieuwsuur. It was broadcast on national TV on 8 March.

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