Davide Ceolin winner of the 2020 eTEC call

Winners of four pioneering eTEC projects are announced by Escience center.

Publication date: 20-04-2021

Davide Ceolin of CWI’s Human Centered Data-Analytics (HCDA) group is part of one of the winning project of the 2020 eTEC call, together with Jacco van Ossenbruggen (VU University, former CWI) and Julia Noordegraaf (UvA). The eTEC Call 2020 supports the research and development of innovative eScience technologies and software associated with optimized data handling, data analytics and efficient computing, driven by a demand from any specified research discipline.

The title of the winning project is ‘The eye of the beholder: Transparent pipelines for assessing online information quality’. The goal of the project is to extend a platform to help digital humanities scholars understand the implications of the AI pipelines they employ to analyze their documents, and the researcher will focus on a case study on the assessment of online information quality.

The researchers will receive funds to hire a postdoc for 3 years and an eScience Center research engineer will work on the project for 2.5 years.

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