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CWI publishes on a regular basis news item about our research, education and the social impact of this research. In addition to news items, we publish more extensive stories about high-profile research or about CWI tackling social issues.

Jurgen Vinju on NOS TV News

On Wednesday 1 March 2023, our colleague Jurgen Vinju was being interviewed for the Dutch national TV news (NOS Journaal) on the planned replacement of the Cool:Gen software of the Dutch Tax …

Jurgen Vinju interviewd by NOS journaal (daily national  TV news) 1 March 2023 (A.C. Kik)

Streamlining the energy transition with mathematics and informatics

The energy transition requires new solutions for the power grid. And that’s where math and computer science come in. CWI researchers are using mathematics to make sense of power outages, to automatically …

energy grid unsplash

Book ‘Tales of Electrologica’ published

The book ‘Tales of Electrologica. Computers, software and people’ was published by Springer. It describes the history of the iconic X8 computer, built in the Netherlands in the early 1960s by the …


CWI Interview with Gilles Brassard

In November 2022 Gilles Brassard was interviewed for personnel magazine We@CWI. Here a copy of this interview.

Gilles Brassard in front of quantum teleportation formula

IT systems pollute and discriminate, but we can build responsible IT

Digital systems have grown and scaled tremendously in a relatively short period of time. This was accompanied by quick fixes - things we would do differently today. Yet we can create responsible …

CWI algemeen 2022 09 06-194

Uncovering hidden features inside art objects in an interactive environment

In the past years, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) has been used to visualise the interior of objects in 3D. For example within the NICAS and NWO funded Impact4Art project by CWI and …

CWI algemeen 2022 09 06-139

Viewing computer science through the lens of cryptography

On Friday 30 September 2022 Christian Schaffner gives his inaugural lecture as professor in theoretical computer science at UvA. Besides his work as a group leader at UvA, he will remain working …

Viewing computer science through the lens of cryptography

Futureproofing Computer Security

Computer systems need advanced mathematical tools to disguise or encrypt our information and keep it safe from prying eyes.

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