Maximilian Kiss

Full Name
M.B. Kiss
+31 20 592 4176
PhD student
Maximilian Kiss


In October 2020 I started as a PhD Researcher in the Computational Imaging group. My research revolves around Deep Learning and Computed Tomography (CT). The goal of my PhD project is to develop Deep Learning algorithms for simultaneous tomographic image reconstruction and segmentation. For my bachelor’s and master’s degrees I studied Physics at ETH Zurich with a focus on Medical Physics, Particle Physics, and Astrophysics. I conducted research for my master’s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Lei Xing at Stanford University on field-of-view extension of cone-beam CTs applying machine learning algorithms to medical physics. The dynamic and supportive environment at Stanford motivated me to further pursue my research ideas in computed tomography and machine learning. In addition to my research, I was involved in several outreach and youth education programs. Furthering others and promoting the importance of science, technology, sustainability, and diversity is a deep-rooted personal goal of mine. I am passionate about topics such as participation, leadership, communications, and entrepreneurship. In my free time, I am a licensed skydiver and like to play badminton, to cook, and listen to Jazz music.